Simon Luckinbill: Untold Story of Lucie Arnaz’s Son

Simon Luckinbill is the son of the famous actress Lucie Arnaz and actor Laurence Luckinbill. He is one of their three children and has made a great name for themselves in their career. Meanwhile, his parents were renowned names in the entertainment industry.

Even his grandparents were great names in the entertainment industry. He has many relatives in the entertainment industry yet he always tends to remain away from the eyes of the media. What does he do? Where is he now? Without any delay let us find out more about Simon Luckinbill.

Simon Luckinbill Age and Early Life

Simon Luckinbill was born on Dec 10, 1980, in California United States. He is 5ft 10 inches with an athletic body type. He has black hair color with brown eyes which he got from his amazing father and mother. Coming from the Caucasian ethnicity and his zodiac sign is Sagariitaus.

Simon Luckinbill and his father
Source; Facebook (Lucie Arnaz Official)

His father’s name is Laurence Luckinbill he is an actor and producer. His mother’s name is Lucie Arnaz she is also an actress and theatre artist. The lovely couple shares two more children and has been going strong for over three decades now.

He is also an artist but he has chosen to keep his professional life a secret. Meanwhile, he has a great relationship with his parents.

Both of His Parents are Renowned Personalities

Laurence Luckinbill is an American actor, playwright, and director. He has also been a part of television, film, and theatre doing triple duty and starring in stage productions. His notable work for penning and staring in one-man shows is based upon the lives of United States President Theodore, and author Ernest Hemingway. He has also played the role of Sybok in the film Star Trek V; The Final Frontier.

Lucie Arnaz is an American actress and singer who was born to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. She walked in her mother’s footsteps and took part in the television series Here is Lucy as a child artist. Later she became part of various series along with the movie The Jazz Singer. Her acting skill and signing skills have been proven in the entertainment industry and she has also won a number of prizes due to her contribution to the industry.

Both of these amazing entertainers met at a movie event and fell in love at the first sight. The couple went on to date for a while and later they walked the aisle. Ever since the couple has been going strong and raising their children together.

His Parents Have a Huge Age Gap

Laurence was born in 1937 and Lucie was born in 1951. The couple has a decade of age gap despite that they have a fairytale love story.

Laurence was married before and had two children with his previous wife. But they got divorced and he later got married to the love of his life. Both of them have three children altogether Simon. Joseph and Katherine.

Simon Luckinbill and his mother
Source; Facebook (Lucie Arnaz Official)

Simon is an artist meanwhile Joseph and Katherine have maintained quite a low profile. Simon shares a great relationship with his parents and has always been praising them, his parents, for his success.

His Family Was in The Entertainment Industry Since His Grandfather’s Time

His grandfather was Desi Arnaz who is an American actor, bandleader, and movie producer. He has left a great legacy and has been part of various sitcoms and movies. He was also the bandleader of the Latin group the Desi Arnaz Orchestra mainly known for playing conga drums and popularizing the Conga line in the United States.

His grandmother Lucille Balli was also an American actress, comedian, and producer. Beginning her career as a model she has also made a name in the entertainment industry. She has won a number of awards and the Holywood walk of fame. She was active in the entertainment industry till her death. Meanwhile, she met her husband during one of the shows and eloped but they have made a great legacy together in the industry.

Both of them are credited to be one of the innovators of the syndicated rerun which they build with the I Love Lucy series. They both cofounded and ran the television production company called Desilu Productions which had a motive to market their series. But later on, they went on to produce several other television series independently including The Ann Sothern Show and The Untouchables.

Simon LuckinbillSiblings

Simon shares two younger siblings one brother and one sister. Joseph Luckinbill was born on 31st December 1982 and Katherine Luckinbill was born on January 11, 1985. Despite Simon’s not being involved in the entertainment industry. His brother Joseph is a guitarist and has been a part of a significant number of Broadway shows which has made him quite popular.

His sister is an actress and has been a part of a couple of projects including College Debts (2015), and Captain Incredible (2006) are of her notable works in the industry.

He shares a great relationship with his siblings and he was also an important part of his brother’s wedding.

What is Simon Luckinbill doing now?

Simon has been quite secretive about his personal and professional life despite being a part of the famous entertainment family. He was not interested to be a part of the acting field and has found his passion in the field of arts and painting.

Simon Luckinbill and his father
Source; Facebook (Lucie Arnaz Official)

Simon has become an important part of various art exhibitions throughout the country. In 2016 Simon’s work The Show, Flea On A Hot Rock was displayed at the famous gallery 500 located at the Five Hundred in Palm Springs. In the meantime, more than half of Simon.s paintings were sold out within 90 minutes.

His family members attended his event and his parents were there to support him and promote his skill.

Who is Simon Luckinbill Dating?

Simon is quite different than his other family members and tends to keep his family members away from the eye of media. He is an introverted person and we can not find a trace of him on any social media platform.

His brother has been married for a while and there is a rumor that even he is married to his partner. But he has not came out in the media with his artner’ anme yet. So the rumour may not be true as well. We just have to wait for there announcement.

Simon Luckinbill Net Worth

He has earned a suitable amount of money from his career as a painter. He has been enjoying his name and fame. However, he was born in the luxury and has enjoyed his share of property from his parents as a generational wealth. As of 2022, he is supposed to have around $2 million as his networth.

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