Skip Engblom, The Man Behind Zephyr team

Professionally, Skip Engblom is an entrepreneur, recognized globally as the co-founder of Jeff Ho Surfboards and Zephyr Production. Besides, he is renowned for establishing the Z-Boys competitive skateboarding team.

Before getting into fame, he along with Jeff Ho started their famous surf shop in Santa Monica, California in 1973.

Besides, he has also worked as an actor. He has made his appearance in several movies.

Who is Skip Engblom?

Skip was born in the year, 1948 on January 4th in Los Angeles, California. Taking his date of birth into consideration, we could tell he is 74 years old. In addition to it, we do not have any data regarding his parents or siblings or any other family members. He seems to be quite a secretive person when it comes to his personal life.

He is an Entrepreneur and Actor

Talking about his career, he is the co-founder of Jeff Ho Surfboards and Zephyr Production. It looks like he has also helped to create the Zephyr Surf Team and the Zephyr Competition Team i.e Z-Boys. Furthermore, he also sponsored the Z-Boys which include Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, and Jay Adams.

Despite being an average skateboarder, Skip was a big influence on the Zephyr team.

Talking about his acting career, he has made a cameo appearance in the 2005 movie, Lords of Dogtown. Likewise, he has also appeared in We Gotta Get Buscemi (2009) and Little Bruno (2007).

Skip Engblom giving pose
Source: LA Weekly
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Personal Life

Despite going through numerous platforms, we couldn’t find if he is in a relationship. Neither the media nor the man himself has confirmed his married life.

So, we could assume that Skip is single at the moment. Furthermore, we do lack info about his previously dating life with other women, if he has one.

Likewise, we did not get any data on him adopting some children on the internet. Until he reveals any detail we could not just assume anything out of nowhere.

Skip Engblom Net Worth

Being an entrepreneur and the co-founder of the production house, we could expect him to have a whopping net worth. However, his exact net worth is yet to be surfaced publicly. Besides, different media portals estimated him to have his net worth between $1 million to $5 million.

Apart from this, we do not have any other intel on his other business to date. If he reveals or opens a business, then we will surely update it.

Skip Engblom enjoying vacation
Source: Facebook

Body Measurement

The entrepreneur seems to be more than 5 feet and 1 inch tall in height, considering his appearance. However, we do lack intel on his exact body measurement, as he has not revealed it on any interview or social media handle.

Social Media

We did find some of the social media accounts under his name on various platforms. However, we are not quite sure if the account is possessed by the real Skip or not. Here, we have an Instagram handle, where it has 252 followers without any posts to date.

Furthermore, we also got a Twitter account where it runs under @smaskateboards and has 36 followers. Apart from these two, we did not find any other media handle attached his name or picture in it.

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