Stelle Ciccone: Everything You Need to Know About Madonna’s Daughter

Stelle Ciccone is recognized for being the adopted daughter of Madona, the queen of pop. Among four other adopted children, she and her twin sister were adopted in 2017.

Her ethnicity is African however she holds an American nationality. From the age of four, they moved from their orphanage to New York with their Mother Madona, and since then they have gained their popularity and have appeared on Madona’s social media.

Stelle Lived For 2 Years in an Orphanage

Born on 24 August 2012, in Malawi, Stelle also has a twin sister named Estere. The twins were born in the southern part of Africa. Before the adoption, her biological mother was Patrica Mwala and her biological father was Adam Mwale.

Due to a complication during childbirth, her mother died five days after the twins were born. Following Patrica’s death, they had a financial crisis so her father left the twins to the orphanage for better care. The twin sisters were in Mchinji town of Home of Hope Orphanage for two years until they Madona adopted them.

During the legal adoption process, their father signed the adoption documents thinking that his daughters would return to him after they complete their studies, but the case was otherwise, they were fully adopted by Madona.

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Stelle Has Four Siblings

Stelle has her own twin sister, Ester Ciccone. Besides her, she has other four siblings, two adopted, and two biological children of Madonna. The anime of the two adopted children are, David Banda her son and another adopted daughter is Mercy James Kamebewa

Apart from her adopted children, she has two biological children, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon with her ex-partner Carlos Leon, and with Guy Ritchie, she had Rocco Ritchie.

Stelle and Madonna share a special bond

Stelle, her siblings share a special bond with her mother. Even though being a celebrity she manages to make time for her children. In her concerts and tours, she also makes her children participate as a part, because of their interest in music.

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Follower her mother’s footsteps, Stelle has the dual talent of singing and dancing. Similarly, Stelle along with her mother has appeared as the backstage dancer of the Madonna concert. Additionally, Stelle has a huge fan following as the fan known the daily life of Stelle. The fans get to know about her daily activities\

Recently, on Stelle’s and her sister’s seventh birthday, Madonna had a special birthday party for her daughters, where she invited close relatives on that day, She wanted to make the day memorable for her daughter, and gave them the surprise to remember, which was a Paris themed cake. The cake’s first-tier is in black color and had several black spots, with Eiffel tower on top.

Stelle Ciccone Net Worth

There isn’t much information regarding Stelle’s net worth. However, her mother is the queen of pop. Madonna’s net worth is estimated to be around $850 million. Her source of income is her music career.

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