Tashera Simmons – Everything You Need to Know About DMX’s Ex-wife

Tashera Simmons is an American author, podcast host, and activist. However, she is popular as the ex-wife of the rapper, DMX.

She has written a book named “You think You know, You Have No Idea”. The book portrays her life and all the adversity she and her late husband faced.

Also, she is the founder of the Women of Strength Organization. The organization has helped women facing various crises, including the women who are victims of abuse.

How Old is Tashera Simmons?

Tashera was born in New York on April 10, 1971. She is 51 years old as of 2022. Likewise, She was the daughter of a Panamanian-born mother and Brooklyn-born father. She is the eldest of 8 children.

Sadly, her parents abandoned all 8 children due to their economic condition. After that, as an elder child, the whole responsibility was under her. However, she struggled to provide for her siblings. So, she worked every work she can find to make the ends meet.

She used to study in a high school in Yonkers, New York. However, her economic condition led her to drop when she was in 11th grade.

Tashera is an Author and Activist

Tashera Simmons
Source: Instagram

Tashera has been fighting against women’s abuse for a long time. She has established a foundation, written books, and also hosts a podcast to help women suffering from abuse.

She made her writing debut with her memoir, You Think You Know, You Have No Idea. It describes her life journey being a wife of DMX.

Currently, she is hosting a podcast called Freedom of Truth. She invites many popular faces and allows them to open themselves up. This has attracted a huge fanbase and helped many women.

Besides, she is also an actress. She has appeared in various shows like lyanla, Fix my life, etc. Likewise, she had once appeared on the VH1 Reality Show, Couples Therapy.

Moreover, she is the founder of an organization called, The Women Of Strength Foundation. It dedicates its time and resources to women and children whose lives have been directly affected by drug abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, abandonment, mental health issues, and other social conflicts.

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Tashera Simmons and DMX Were Married for Over a Decade

Tashera and DMX first met when she was just 11. They were childhood friends but started dating when she turned 18.

Then, after dating for around a decade, they tied the wedding knot in 1999. Although they had been together since childhood, DMX had many affairs during their marriage. Some of the affairs also resulted in many children.

Furthermore, he was arrested multiple times and had drug issues. She tried her best to not end the relationship but couldn’t resist his behavior. Finally, in 2010, the couple separated and finalized the divorce in 2014.

However, her love for DMX never ended. Even during his last breath, Tashera was staying with him praying for his speedy recovery. Furthermore, she believes him to be in a better place because of his final words.

Tashera Simmons Has Four Children

During her relationship with the late rapper, she had four children. They are; Xavier Simmons, Tacoma Simmons, Sean Simmons, and Praise Mary Ella Simmons.

However, her late husband had 17 children with 11 different women. They had legal dispute after his death.

Tashera Simmons Net Worth

As of 2022, Tashera has an estimated net worth of $500k. She had made a decent amount from her acting career.

Moreover, her memoir, You think You know, You Have No Idea has also brought her a good amount of money.

Social Media

Tashera Simmons taking a selfie
Source: Instagram

Tashera Simmons is active on various platforms like Instagram, podcasts, etc. She has got about 154k followers on her Instagram account and her bio is quite interesting as well. Her bio includes “A real woman of God..Faith & the word of God is my sword…mother of 4.. changing lives as I Walk into my destiny”. Her bio portrays her life’s trust and motivation.

Similarly, she has got quite good followers on her podcast. She shares her hard times and her life story in it so that people would get inspiration.

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