The Intrepid Life of Life Below Zero Star, Chip Hailstone

chip hailstone with his wife, agnes
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The harsh life of frigid Alaska isn’t suited for all but for Montana-raised Chip Hailstone. The interim plan to stay in Alaska gave his life a new meaning. The reality TV star of Nat Geo docuseries brought a unique and distinctive narrative of what it meant living in the often unforgiving climate of Alaska on a sustenance basis to the screen.

The star is renowned for surviving the harsh climate of Alaska with his family in the series, Life Below Zero. Regarding his relationship status, he is married to a woman named Agnes. Furthermore, the couple has seven children.

Who is Chip Hailstone?

Born on 8th May 1969 in Montana, USA to Mary Lois and Daniel Franklin Hailstone, Chip was well prepared for his lifestyle in Alaska as his father taught him important life skills such as fishing and hunting.

While there isn’t much information about his life before Alaska, he seems to have discontinued his studies after high school. In 1989, he chanced upon an opportunity that led him to visit Alaska. While he just went to Alaska for a short visit, the vast and uncharted wilderness of the frozen north enticed him to stay and like they say the rest is history.

Hailstone’s Living Inspired Producers to Make the Series, Life Below Zero

The show follows families of Alaska as they carve a life out for themselves in the bitter and often daunting climate of Alaska while navigating on their own through daily and seasonal enterprises. The Hailstones live in Noorvik on the river Kobuk with their family of seven.

Chip can be often seen with his gadgets and equipment such as rifles, bows and arrows. Agnes being the native, taught her family the way of the land. They lived on sustenance and barter and learned to make most of their hunt and wasted nothing. These traits caught the attention of casting directors and producers who wanted to make a documentary series based on them and their way of life in Alaska.

The exposure and economic assistance the show provided helped Chip be a household name along with his family. Furthermore, the show went on to win the Primetime Emmy award as well in 2016 and he went on to appear in 13 seasons of the show as one of the titular characters.

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He Married Agnes in 1992

The star is said to have met his wife, Agnes Hailstone in 1990. The pair soon hit it off and were married by 1992. Agnes is a native of Alaska who belonged to the tribe Inupiaq, the descendants of the earliest inhabitants of Alaska.
Chip and Agnes are a well-matched couple who share the passion of love for the wilderness, hunting, fishing and thus made a home for themselves and their family.

He Has Seven Children

The couple is blessed with five daughters together – Quran, Caroline, Mary, Iriqtaq and Tinmiaq. He is also father to Agnes’s two sons, Jon and Doughlas from her previous relationship after formally adopting them.

His sons have settled properly and have started their own families. Similarly, their two eldest daughters have also finished their studies at school despite being homeschooled initially. While Agnes being a native enjoys the native tribe benefits, Chip doesn’t have the right to hunt certain marine animals. The family always comes together to help each other out.

Chip was Arrested and Served Some Time in Prison

In 2011, Life Below Zero star was sentenced to 15 months in prison. He was convicted on two counts of charges of perjury and two charges of making false statements.

The report states that his stepson had an altercation with an Alaskan state trooper. According to Chip, the state trooper physically assaulted his 17-year-old daughter, Tinmaiq. The allegations were refuted and he was sentenced.

While in another occurrence, he claimed a Noorvik resident pointed a rifle at his daughter after a disagreement involving his stepson. Initially, he was sentenced to three years probation but appealed the ruling. Many of his fans missed him in the show and many even were vocal that his punishment was too harsh.

His imprisonment led to the family missing an important hunting season where Agnes had to take over. The viewers are glad to have him back at the show.

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Chip Hailstone Net Worth

For a family struggling to make ends meet, the show has certainly helped to elevate their financial status. While bartering and hunting were their primary source of income, post Life Below Zero show, the show is the family’s source of income. It is estimated that the entire family is worth over $250,000, while Chip earns an estimated $45,000 a year.

As of 2021, Chip and Agnes have a combined net worth of $100,000.

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