Things You Didn’t Know About Chip Hailstone’s Daughter, Carol Hailstone

Carol Hailstone is a well-known American star kid. Many people recognize her as the daughter of famous TV personalities Chip Hailstone and Agnes Hailstone from Alaska. Her parents appear in the reality TV show called “Life Below Zero”.

This show is about the struggle of living in Alaska and how to survive the cold environment of the region. She has also appeared in some of the episodes of “Life Below Zero”.

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Who is Carol Hailstone?

Carol was born in Alaska and also grew up in Alaska which is quite often referred to in the Show “Life Below Zero”. She has six Brothers and sisters Tinmiaq, Mary, Quran, Iriqtaq, John, and Dough. They all grew up together in their hometown.

They all did have a rough childhood due to the environment of Alaska. Carol and her sister were first homeschooled but they later switched to the local school at Norvik. Her parents are TV personalities well known for the show in National Geographic Reality.

She, along with two of her sisters learned hunting from an early age. She learned that her parents loved to fish and go hunting. These siblings spend all their childhood surrounded by each other and working and helping each other and their parents.

Her Both Parents are TV Star

The young Alaskian’s parents are both renowned for their appearance in the series, Life Below Zero. Her father, Chip Hailstone, and mother, Agnes Hailstone carve a life out for themselves in the bitter and often daunting climate of Alaska while navigating on their own through daily and seasonal enterprises. The Hailstones live in Noorvik on the river Kobuk with their family of seven.

Her parents have been married for over three decades and have five children together.


She is famously known as the daughter of Chip Hailstone. Carol and her brother used to help their mother and father by collecting woods and food for their survival and helping them in their daily life.

Young Carol went to the hunt with her father and mother during season 2 of the show “Life Below Zero” far from their home 19 miles north of the Arctic circle. They also managed to catch six caribou by using the caribou they made clothes and blankets from Skin and Fur. She is mainly known for the show called “Life Below Zero” which was shown in National Geographic reality.

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Is She Single?

As per our research, we still are not able to know much about her love life and her dating history. Carol has still not revealed her love life and managed to keep her love life secret from the media and public. Many people and the media do question her sexuality if either she is straight or not due to her being so private about her love life and relationship status.

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Carol Hailstone Net Worth

Her primary source of income is her career as a TV star. We also have come to know that she does make a lot of money but prefers to keep a low profile. As of 2021, Carol has an estimated net worth of $25,000.

Whereas her father, Chip has an estimated net worth of $100 thousand.

Body Measurement

Carol has an average height and moderate weight. Her body is pretty tough and strong due to her living in a harsh environment. She also has brown hair and brown eyes. She stands 5ft 7 inches tall and weighs around 60 kg.

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