Things You Didn’t Know About Danny Trejo’s Ex-wife, Debbie Shreve

Debbie Shreve is an American actress best known for her roles in Vengeance, High Hopes, and Tennis Anyone. Additionally, she is also a real estate agent.

Despite being an actress, her massive fame comes from her ex-husband, Danny Trejo. Danny is an American actor, best known for his roles in Desperado, Heat, and the From Dusk Till Dawn. He is most prominent for playing the roles of villains.

Debbie and Danny were married for around 8years. However, they don’t have any children together.

So, in the article below queries like, What is her age? The reason behind her divorce from Danny? What is her actual net worth? and Her current relationship status will be discussed. let’s go.

How Old is Debbie Shreve?

Currently, Debbie Shreve is 65 years old. She came into this world in the year 1957. Similarly, she blows her birthday candle on the 5th of June every year with her family.

Likewise, she holds American citizenship as she was born and raised in California, USA. She comes from a white ethnic group. Additionally, her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Her Parents And Education Details

Unfortunately, not much about her parents is known on the web. Her parents like to live a low-key lifestyle, so they have not made any public appearances. Also, they stay in the limelight very rarely.

Concerning her academics, she is a graduate of Los Angeles Valley College. However, she has not shared any details about her degree. But, currently, she is working as a real estate agent.

debbie shreve's ex husband with his childrens
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Debbie Shreve is a Real Estate Agent

As mentioned above, Debbie is currently working as a real estate agent. Going through her Twitter profile we got to know that she is associated with RE/MAX Olson & Associates, Inc.

RE/MAX is a real estate company located in California USA. They are a full-service real estate brokerage. And it was established by David P. Kelly. She has been working with the company for over two decades.

Prior to that, she also worked at Powerhouse Gym. However, we are not sure in what position she worked there and how long she worked there.

Debbie Shreve Also Worked as an Actress

Besides being a real estate agent, Shreve also worked as an actress. However, she didn’t have that long journey in the movie industry. Well, she made her debut on the silver screen in 2005. During that time she was part of the Movie “Tennis, Anyone…?” In that movie, she played the role of assistant to Hector.

Following that she was part of other 2 movies; Vengeance, and High Hopes. The interesting fact is she shared the screen with her then-husband, Danny, in all of her movies. Well, High Hopes turned out to be her last project in the Hollywood industry, as after that she was never seen on the silver screen again.

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Her Ex-Husband was a Drug Dealer

Her Husband, Danny is one of the popular actors in the Holywood Industry. Well, Danny made his name among the audience for his phenomenal work on projects like Desperado, Heat, and the From Dusk Till Dawn film series. Despite playing the role of villain, he was the audience’s favorite.

However, prior to stepping into the entertainment industry, he had a dark past. He used to sell drugs in his early days. It may sound surprising he was first arrested at the age of 10.

But, later he chose to give himself a chance of renewing his life and started his acting career. Well, things completely changed after that as he went to become one of the most popular villains on the silver screen.

debbie shreve with her ex husband
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Debbie Shreve is Danny Trejo’s Fourth Wife

Danny is known for his several relationships. Before marrying Debbie, the actor had already been divorced twice.

Danny was first married to a woman named Laura. However, his criminal lifestyle and drug use led their relationship to demise. His ex-wife filed for divorce during his second confinement at Youth Training School.

After getting out of school, he met a woman named Debbie. The couple was married for around 4 years (1971-1975).

Likewise, his third wife’s name is Joanne. He married Joanne just after a few months after his divorce from Debbie. Unfortunately, this relationship also didn’t last long. The couple split just after 3 years, i.e in 1978.

Then, he married Debbie Shreve in 1997. Prior to that, they were in a relationship for some time. Shreve was his longest marriage. The couple was together for 8 years, before separating in 2005. Finally, they divorced in 2009, after 12 long years of marriage.

Reason Behind Their Divorce

The main reason behind their divorce was said to be Irreconcilable Difference. But other various source tells that it may be because of Danny’s extramarital affairs.

Well, this also seems to be legit as he had many relationships in the past as well. Also, he was already married 3 times as mentioned above.

Does Debbie Shreve Have Any Kids?

Despite being married for more than 10 years Debbie and Danny didn’t have any children together.

However, Danny does have three children from his other marriages. His eldest child, Danny was born in 1981. Danny is an actor and producer.

Similarly, he also had other two children with Maeve Crommie; Gabrielle and Danielle. Gilbert and Danielle are also in the movie industry just like their elder brother. Well, all 3 children of Danny Trejo are currently part of the entertainment industry.

debbie shreve's ex-husband
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Debbie Shreve Established an NGO with Danny Trejo

Though Danny had a bad past, he has always tried his best to give back to society. In this process, he and his ex-wife Debbie founded an organization named K9 Compassion Foundation.

Well, K9 Compassion Foundation is a United state based NGO that educates young people about the lives of animals. Through this, they want to make a difference in animal life as well.

Addditinally, they do fundraising programs to give back to society. Mainly they are focused on homeless animals and provide adoption and various education programs as well.

Debbie Shreve Net Worth

As of now, Debbie Shreve has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Being a real estate agent she has made enough money to live a comfortable and happy life. Well, there is no doubt that she made most of her earnings from her career as a real estate agent.

She also has a lavish property in Los Angeles. Besides, she also earned a handful amount of fortune from her career as an actress. But her primary source of Income has always been real estate as she never tried to establish herself as a professional actress after her relationship with Danny came to an end.

Follow Her Socials

Despite the fact that she is a celebrity ex-wife, she has very less fanbase on the internet. She is currently available on Twitter under the username @D_Trejo where she is followed by just 74 people. Similarly, she follows 91 people in return.

Furthermore, she has not made her Instagram debut yet. But we can find many fan pages under her name. But is active on Facebook as Debbie Shreve Trejo. Well, she gives a major update about her life on this platform as she frequently posts staus related to her works and personal life.

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