Things You Need to Know About Rhett Broderick

The actions of the family directly affect children’s life. A family, which is considered a blessing can also be a curse sometimes due to the circumstances. Moreover, family problems can lead to disasters putting every member’s life on the line. Today, here we are talking about Rhett Broderick who spent most of his life tragically due to an unfortunate incident.

So let’s move forward to know more about his childhood, past experiences, family, and how he is living now.

Who is Rhett Broderick?

Rhett Broderick is a World history and US history teacher from Idaho. He is mostly recognized as the son of a tragic couple who had a violent past history. His parents are “Betty Broderick” and “Dan Broderick”.

The couple has four children. Out of them, Rhett Broderick is the youngest son.

Family History

On leaning upon the family background of Rhett’s mother Betty’s side, we have some facts concerning his grandparents. His maternal grandparents are Frank Biscegila and Marita Bisceglia.

Marita and Frank Bisceglia, his maternal grandparents, were faithful Roman Catholics. They ran a profitable plastering company. Frank, Rhett’s maternal grandpa, was a successful New York City construction contractor.

His paternal grandparents, on the other hand, were devout Catholics from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

His Mother Killed His Father

Rhett Broderick parents Betty and Dan
Source: CBS 8

Dan Broderick and Betty Broderick have tragic life stories examining the overall situations. The double homicide case occurred in the late 1980s. The news regarding this case also made national headlines at that time.

The incident occurred on November 5, 1989. On that particular day, Betty brutally murdered her divorced ex-husband and his wife of that time.

Earlier, Betty had been suspecting that her husband, Dan was cheating on her with her helper Linda. Things got worse and the couple got separated due to the situation. Later on, Dan married Linda after the partition with Betty. This claimed Betty’s allegations to be somewhat true observing the situation.

The divorce case between Dan and Betty triggered a series of bitter legal fights between them for their children’s parental rights and spousal support. Betty then attempted to end it all by murdering Dan and his wife, Linda, on November 5, 1989.  She subsequently attempted suicide after the incident.

Betty, Rhett’s mother, was sentenced to 32 years in jail after that.

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His Education

Rhett completed his bachelor’s degree BA from the University of California, Berkeley. 

In the same way, following his education, he received his Master’s degree from Oregon State University.

Overcoming the hardships and downfalls in his life, Rhett did not think of giving up. He pushed himself through every obstacle and always continued what he had to do to be a nice person in his life.

Rhett Broderick is a Teacher

Rhett did not let himself to affect by his parent’s wrongdoings. The incident has made a negative impact on the life of every kid of Dan and Betty. However, they thrived and survived every terrible situation of their life and are living a good life with their respective partners and families.

Rhett teaches World History and US History at Blaine County’s WRHS Wolverine. He has been a part of Wolverine from 2017 to 2018. 

The 43 years old Broderick has been teaching and coaching for over 12 years as a teacher. He claims to like his chosen profession mostly because he wants to provide guidance which he did not receive in his younger days.

Similarly, he says he knows and recognizes the importance of the work because he comes from a family of educators. He also teaches AP Human Geography.

His Family is Wealthy

Rhett Broderick with his daughter
Source: Twitter

Rhett keeps his personal life out of the public eye. His world revolves around his family and children.

Rhett’s parents, Dan and Betty Broderick were members of country clubs. They’ve had great wealth and fortune comparatively. So, the four children along with Rhett attended private school, drove sports cars, and went skiing in Colorado.

Rhett’s family lived in the rich California community of Coral Reef.  He and his siblings went on numerous vacations and appeared to be living there in a luxurious lifestyle.

How Rich is Rhett Broderick?

There is a popular saying that it doesn’t matter how big the house is, it only matters if there is love inside it or not.

Although Rhett most definitely acquired some of his father’s purported million-dollar inheritance, whether or not he profited on it remains a mystery. Dan gave his inheritance to all of his children. Therefore Rhett did seemingly get some of his father’s money. 

On the other hand, he implied that his fortune should be divided equally among all of his children except Kathy Lee Broderick. Also unclear about his net worth to date. Besides, Rhett is living a simple and average life with his family.

Is Rhett Broderick Married?

Rhett Broderick is married to elementary school teacher Veronica Noffke. They are the parents of two girls. Noffke appears to be a Midwesterner.

Rhett and Veronica appear to be a powerful and loving pair with their two girls. It is unclear about the time they began dating or when they married. The couple greatly likes Idaho and had their second child there in February 2017.

Rhett Broderick daughters
Source: Rhett Broderick’s Facebook profile

Social Media Presence:

Rhett’s Instagram account is set to private, although he has uploaded a few photos of himself and his family on Facebook. 

His uploads are mostly photos of his wife and him with his children. From this, it seems like he adores his family so much.

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Rhett Broderick was Constantly Blamed For His Parent’s Incidents

Rhett went to live in Colorado under the custody of his parents’ relatives when his father died and his mother went to prison. He was in the company of his older brother, Daniel Broderick Jr.

Rhett also spent time in boot camps during his teens. He claims that the attention he faced during those times made things worse for him. 

Rhett, the youngest of Broderick’s siblings, confesses he was continuously interrogated; they tried to blame everything on him concerning his parents’ circumstances.

His life is then filled with ups and downs. He has lived in California, Colorado, Missouri, Arizona, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oregon, and now Idaho throughout most of his life.

Meanwhile, he used to travel to Idaho sometimes on occasion to ski and snowboard.

His Siblings

More than three decades have passed by but remembering that incident chills run in everybody’s mind now. Dan and Betty’s children have now grown older. They now have their own respective families and are living their life with spouses and children.

Rhett Broderick is now 43 years old. Hid siblings are Lee Broderick, Kim Broderick, and Daniel Broderick Jr. 

Lee and Kim, two of his siblings, live in Idaho. However, it is unknown whether the sisters live close to Rhett or not.

Rhett’s older brother, Daniel Jr, is a citizen of San Diego, California. Daniel followed in his father’s footsteps to become a lawyer. He is living well with his wife and children. Daniel has three kids and is married right now.

Where is Betty now?

Betty was sent to prison for 32 years. She has been taking her punishment as a criminal for over three decades.

However, Rhett has a soft corner for his mother and he believes she should be released

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