Who is Tina Majorino? Know Her Net Worth, Age, Career and More

Tina Majorino is an actress who began her career as a child actor. She was also a member of a rock band and is a techno-geek. She appeared on the big screen in 1992. Except for her 5 years’ break in her teenage years, she has mostly been active in the industry. 

Who is Tina Majorino?

Tina Majorino with her brother Kevin Majorino
Source: Instagram @tinamajorino

Tina was born on February 7, 1985, in Westlake, California, USA. She was born to a family of a real estate agent and a former professional skater. 

Her father’s name is Robert Majorino, who is the estate agent. And, her mother’s name is Sara Majorino who is a former professional skater. She also has an older brother, Kevin with whom she once founded a rock band. 

The actress has also been kind of a techno-geek since a young age. From her early years, she loved computers and at present owns five of them. Likewise, she loved martial arts and even has a black belt in Tang Soo Do.

The former child star also loved outdoor activities from childhood. She particularly enjoys surfing and running. 

We don’t have much information regarding her school life as she is quite a secretive person. However, it’s for sure that she spent most of her high school being homeschooled. The reason that she didn’t go to high school was that she was often bullied as a child, despite being a star from an early age. 

Tina Began Her Acting Career Through Commercials

Like most of the stars, Majorino started her career in the entertainment industry through commercials. Her first role on the big screen was Sophie in the ABC sitcom Camp Wilder in 1992. 

After just a couple of years, she really started to stand out. Her role in her debut film, When a Man Loves a Woman was particularly the big break that made her famous. 

After that, she appeared on various TV series and movies, before moving away from the showbiz industry in 1999. 

Before leaving the industry, she played the lead role, Alice, in the TV movie Alice in Wonderland. Then, she disappeared from the entertainment industry for five years. 

She returned in 2004 and made a huge impact through her role as Deb in the cut classic Napoleon Dynamite. 

Who is She Dating?

Tina Majorino with her pet dog
Source: Instagram @tinamajorino

The 36-year-old actress loves to keep her personal life to herself. She is quite good at keeping her private life away from the public. 

She hasn’t ever disclosed anything about her boyfriends. However, there was once a rumor about her engagement. But, that was just that, rumor. 

Instead, she loves dogs and frequently posts pictures with her bulldog on Instagram. 

Tina Majorino’s Net Worth

Majorino has an estimated net worth is $1.5 million. She has amassed this amount, mostly from her acting career. 

Body Measurements

hot Tina Majorino posing for Annex Magazine
Source: Instagram @tinamajorino

Despite loving geeky stuff, Tina cares about her body. She is quite an athletic person and has been able to keep her body measurements to an hourglass shape. Her height is 5 inches and 5 feet and weighs about 54 kg. Likewise, her body measurements are 34-25-33

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