Truth About Daniel Craig’s First Wife, Fiona Loudon

Fiona Loudon is a former Scottish actress renowned as the ex-wife of the James Bond actor, Daniel Craig.

There is nothing more powerful than motherly love in this world. Mothers can do anything and can sacrifice everything for their children. Parents are the roots and foundation of life. They plant the seeds where we base our life.

That is the belief and ability they give us. However, the love of a mother fuels all of it. Today we will talk about a mother who gave up her career and dedicated her whole life to raising her kid.

So, moving forward, let’s get to know about Fiona Loudon. She is famously known as the ex-wife of Bond, Daniel Craig.

Here we are including everything about Fiona, from her birth facts to her marriage with Daniel, her children, life after divorce, and many more.

How Old is Fiona Loudon?

Fiona Loudon was born on May 5, 1968, in Scotland. So, she is 54 years old as of 2022. Likewise, her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Loudon was interested in acting from a very young age. Her eagerness and willingness were the things that guided her on the path of acting. She was determined to pursue her career in that field and started working for it.

Fiona started appearing on stage after studying acting. She was very good at her profession, and many people started to recognize and appreciate her talents.

Eventually, she started taking part in Tv shows and was uplifting her career at the time of her marriage with Daniel.

Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig Were Only Married For Two Years

Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig never discussed how they met or how long they had been dating. However, the existence of their affair was first made public in 1991.

The couple married in 1992. In the same way, they were in their early twenties when they got married. Simultaneously, they became first-time parents by having their daughter Ella Craig two months later.

However, their romance ended in 1994, two years later. She decided not to remarry and raised her daughter alone in London. Craig later revealed during a conversation that he was extremely young at the time of the divorce.

Craig later discussed the divorce in an interview, admitting that he had handled the wedding immaturely because he was so young at the time.

Her Ex-Husband is a Renowned British Actor

Fiona’s husband, Daniel, is a prominent Hollywood actor. His movie was released as the blockbuster film “Casino Royale” in 2006. Daniel has been renowned for his portrayal of the legendary British Secret Service agent James Bond.

While Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig’s brief union Fiona Loudon has always kept a private existence, despite the media attention her brief wedding to Daniel Craig received.

In 1991, when her high-profile relationship with well-known actor Daniel Craig became public knowledge, Fiona Loudon first caught the media’s eye.

Fiona's daughter Ella Loudon
Source: Instagram @ellaloudon

Fiona Loudon Discarded Her Career to Take Care of Her Daughter

Fiona has a daughter, Ella Craig from her marriage to the Bond actor. After her divorce, she decided not to remarry and instead chose to raise her daughter alone in London.

Loudon wanted to be a successful actress, but she was forced to leave her job due to several circumstances. Instead, she chose to care for her daughter Ella. She appeared in a few stage productions and dramas, but she could not break into the big screen. Along with her kid, Fiona resides in London.

After the divorce, Daniel, who became a father at the age of 23, maintained his career as an actor in Hollywood. On the other hand, Fiona went in the exact opposite direction. Ultimately, she gave up acting to concentrate her energies on carving out a new career.

Daniel left his wife and child to pursue his ambition. However, Fiona gave up everything for her daughter. She raised her as a single mother.

Source: The Teal mango

Fiona and Daniel’s Relationship Timeline

Even though they were constantly being photographed, they took great care to keep their relationship private, just as she had done with her family, education, and upbringing.

The pair finally got divorced after 2 years of their marriage. However, she remained a popular issue for newspapers over the following few years. The former couple accelerated things very fast but couldn’t progress their relationship smoothly.

They married, had a daughter, and ultimately made headlines. While Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig’s brief union had received a lot of attention,

She avoided the spotlight for the remainder of her life, while Craig became more well-known as the legendary secret agent James Bond.

But because her ex-husband Craig had relationships with numerous women in the past and had later wed actress Rachel Weitz, questions about his first marriage to Loudon persisted in the media for decades.

She recently made headlines once more when Ella, her daughter with Craig, started working as an actress in the entertainment sector.

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Her Career as an Actress

Fiona also had a good career as an actress. She is a Scot native who now resides in England. However, her present fame is being the ex-wife of Daniel Craig rather than an actress.

Loudon’s work in TV shows in London is more well-known than her work in films. However, at the present time, little is known about her present professional situation.

Since Fiona chooses to keep a very low profile, little is known about her background, education, or family among the general public. After their 1992 wedding, she continued to be a major issue in the media for a while.

Her Ex-Husband Had Several Relationships After Their Divorce

Daniel continued his love life with other women after their divorce. Craig began dating German actress Heike Makatsch for seven years. Their relationship only lasted until 2004.

Then, he started dating movie producer Satsuki Mitchell the following year. Even though they were engaged, they broke it off in 2010. Eventually, in December 2010, he started dating Rachel Weisz.

Rachel is an actress with whom he co-starred in the 2011 film “Dream House.” On June 22, 2011, they were married in a private ceremony.

Ella is extremely attached to her dad and is frequently seen with him in public. She also has a close relationship with her stepmother.

Fiona's daughter Ella and ex husband Daniel
Source: Instagram @ellaloudon

Her Daughter Also Chose to Be an Actress

Ella Craig, the daughter of Fiona Loudon, has pursued a similar career to her parents. She started out performing in plays for Shakespeare and Company. In the same way, Ella performed in the 2017 short film “Maneater,” which follows a young lady navigating the contemporary dating scene.

She appeared in the film “Trauma is a Time Machine” the following year. She has a large following on Instagram thanks to her organic vibes, such as behind-the-scenes shots and family portraits.

For many years, Fiona was still a topic of conversation in the media. She is once more in the spotlight due to her daughter Ella’s foray into the entertainment industry as an actor.

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Reason For Her Divorce From Daniel Craig

Both of them respected the decision. As they were young and had less knowledge then, they both mutually divorced afterward. When it was made known to the public in 1991 that Fiona Loudon was dating actor Daniel Craig, she rose to fame and was in the media’s spotlight.

It is very hard to obtain spectacular details about their private or professional lives. Most famous personalities are very cautious to withhold information about their romantic relationships. They especially like to keep their personal life matters very private.

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