Truth About Neve Campbell’s Son, Caspian Feild

Whether a person gains property, loses property, or gains fame in a positive or a negative way, their children inherit most of them. Likewise, many celebrities’ kids also inherit some of their parent’s fame. They come to the limelight without having to struggle as their parents did. Well, Caspian Feild is also such a person.

He is renowned as the son of the Hollywood stars Neve Campbell and JJ Feild. His parents have been ruling the hearts of people for decades.

His mother, Neve is a sex symbol, best known for her roles in The Lincoln Lawyer, House of Cards and Party of Five. Likewise, his father JJ is popular among the audience for his role in projects like Captain America: The First Avenger and the Series titled “Lost in Space”.

But this article isn’t about his parents. In the article below we will mainly discuss the personal life of Caspian, his education details, and various other details. Let’s go.

How Old is Caspian Feild?

As of today, Caspian Feild is just 9 years old. He was born in August 2012. He belongs to mixed ethnicity as his mother is Canadian and his father is British-American.

His Parents

As mentioned above, both his parents are part of the showbiz industry. His mother is Neve Campbell and his father is JJ Feild. Also, reports suggest that he also lives with his grandparents Marine Campbell, Gerry Campbell, and Reshad Feild. Not to forget his Uncle Christian Campbell is also an actor by his profession.

His Education Details

Not much about his academics is known to the general public. Well, both his parents have kept all his academic details away from the web looking into his privacy. On other hand, his mother went to Canada’s National Ballet School for her higher studies during her young days.

His mother is one of the finest actresses in the Industry

His mother Neve Campbell is one of the finest actresses in the Hollywood Industry. She is considered a sex symbol and scream queen. Well, there is no doubt that she is also one of the most beautiful actresses of her time. She has also made it to People Magazine’s list of 50 most beautiful people, not once but twice.

She made her first appearance on the silver screen in 1991 in My Secret Identity. Well, after that it went like a breeze for her. Since then she has been part of 68 credits as an actress and also has produced 3 projects. Additionally, her work is always appreciated by fans and critics.

To date, she has won 7 different awards including Family Film Awards, Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, and Blockbuster Entertainment Awards among many more. Additionally, she has been nominated 12 times.

His Father is Also an Actor

Like his mother, his dad is also in the movie industry. Not only JJ but his whole family has a strong background in the entertainment industry. Well, JJ’s dad Reshad was a professional writer and Musician by his profession. Regarding his career in the industry, it all started in 1999 when he portrayed the role of Jonno in a TV series titled “Heartbeat”. Since then there is no looking back for the actor.

Altogether he has worked in over 50 movies and TV series. However, people recognize him for his work in movies like Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), Centurion (2010), and Austenland (2013). Similarly, his latest work was in the TV series, ” The Peripheral”. He played the role of Lev.

Besides appearing in movies and TV shows, he has also done a couple of theatrical plays. His last theatre appearance was in 2008 when he played the role of Philip in “The Pride”.

Is Caspian Feild Dating?

Caspian is presumably single at this point. As he is only 11, so he isn’t centered around heartfelt friends but instead on his schooling and partaking in his adolescents.

As of now, he is completely roused and brief to make a superior future and profession. Not to preclude his heartfelt endeavor, he could track down somebody in the years to come. Assuming he is adequately fortunate, he will impart his life to the most lovely young lady on the planet.

His Parents Have Been Dating For a Decade

Yes, you heard it right. Caspian’s parents have been dating since 2011. Well, the interesting fact is they are not married yet. After a year they first met they officially announced that they were expecting a baby.

Following that, in August 2012 they welcomed their only biological child Caspian. However, on June 29 2018 they again made an announcement of a baby. But, this time they adopted a son.

Likewise, their relationship is doing all good as of now. Also, it seems like they are in the best shape of their relationship. Moreover, reports suggest that they are soon planning to officially get married to each other.

His Mother Has Married Twice

Prior to dating JJ, Neve had already had two divorces. Her first marriage was with a guy named Jeff Colt. They were married for around 3 years, i.e between 1995 to 1998.

Similarly, her second marriage was a bit special as she married her Co-actor John Light. Neve and John first met while they were shooting for Investigating Sex. After dating for almost a year they officially got engaged in December 2005. Following that, On May 5, 2007, they tied knots with each other in presence of their family member and friends.

Well, they lived their best married life for 5 years and were settled in Islington, London. But once the relationship went off track they decided to part ways. Following that on June 30, 2010, they officially filed for divorce.

Caspian Feild Net Worth

As Caspian is still a child, he is yet to earn a penny as he has not started his professional career. So for now he is dependent on his parents.

On other hand, his father, JJ Feild’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million. And his mother’s estimated net worth is around $10 million. Both his parents made all this fortune from their careers as an actor and actresses.

Also, his dad has lavish property in Los Angeles and London. Similarly, as per reports his mother, Neve was paid around $4 million for her work in Scream 3. Not to forget she was also the part of other 2 sequences of this specific movie. So we believe he is living a happy and comfortable life with his parents.

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