Truth You Didn’t Know About Bethany Joy Lenz’s Ex-Husband Michael Galeotti

Michael Galeotti is the musician who was involved with the famous rock band, Enation. He was a pianist for the band. Likewise, he is also an actor. He started acting from a young age.

Although he had been in the entertainment industry for a long time, he only came to the limelight after marrying the singer and actress Bethany Joy Lenz. Being a celebrity husband is not an easy task and when you are a celebrity it becomes even harder. Though you enjoy the name and fame coming from your position there are certain things that do not make your journey good.

Many people are familiar with singer Bethany Lenz but you may not know about her partner. She has always maintained privacy when it comes to her personal life. Who is Michael Galeotti? What happened between the sweet couple? Where is Michael Galeotti now? Is he single?

There are a lot of things going on in your head right now. So, without wasting any time, let us dive right into it and learn more about the musician Michael Galeotti.

Who is Michael Galeotti?

Michael Galeotti was born on 1984, August 28. He was born in Long Island, Newyork. He belongs to a Jewish household and has American nationality. Having a height of around 6ft and a tall slender athletic body type. He is of Belgium and Russian ethnicity. He has Virgo as a zodiac sign.

Michael Galeotti with his friend
Source: Twitter @MichaelGaleotti

Michael was a musician in the famous indie rock band Enation. He is much known for his career with his talented ex-wife and their loving relationship.

Michael Galeotti is a Former Pianist of the Enation Band

Michael is a former member of the band Enation and joined the band as a keyboardist back in 2004. Jonathan Jackson and his older brother Richard Lee Jackson were also members of this band.

Enation was initially formed in 2003 and released its first single in 2004 Identity Theft which was also an independent album. This was featured as the theme song to Riding the Bullet a Stephen King. The band later went on to release more independent albums between 2007-2011 Soul and Story; Volume One, Where The fire Starts, World in Fight and My Ancient Rebellion, and other live albums.

Michael’s ex-wife Bethany Joy Lenz recorded Enation’s song Feel This for use in the fifth season finale of the series. After an episode aired the song become a top 10 song on iTunes rock charts. The band also made a cameo appearance on the show One Tree Hill playing Feel This and the title track from their 2008 album World in Fight.

In the year 2012, he left the band and tried to maintain a distance from his career for a while. He was dealing with his recent heartbreak and wanted to focus his time on his well-being.

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Michael Galeotti and Bethany Joy Lenz First Met During His Band’s Performance

Michael and Bethany Lenz’s dating life was like a fairytale story. They met during the performance in the band. The couple hit it right off the bat. Just after dating for two months, Michael popped the question and she said yes. Michael proposed to her when she was in the shoot of her series One Tree Hill in North Carolina. Bethany had given up her initial name and took her husband’s name.

Both of them were loved couples in the entertainment industry. The news of their pregnancy circulated back in 2010. They were over the moon when they welcomed their daughter into the world.

However, the couple went on to separate after being together for six years. They remained good friends after their separation and always supported each other in their hard times.

Reason For Their Divorce

He and his wife had a romantic love life. But it soon came to an end and they both separated their path in a mutual way. Bethany shared her divorce announcement in her blog.

Michael Galeotti's Daughter running
Source: Instagram @joylenz

She went on to say that she is private about her personal life. However, she went on to state that both of them are getting divorced. Bethany dropped her husband’s name and went to take her maiden name again.

Both of them have great respect for each other and co-parent their daughter together.

They have a daughter named Maria Rose Galeotti. She was born on Feb 23, 2011. Maria has grown in love and care for both of her parents despite their separation.

Is Michael Galeotti Dead?

There are conflicting rumors that he is dead. Is Michael Galeotti still alive or not? The rumors first spread after the death of a Disney child star who- happened to have the same name as Bethany’s ex-hubby, Michael James Galeotta in early January 2016. As per the news outlet, the late Disney star James Galeota died of atherosclerosis heart disease.

Both actors share a similar last name which has created quite a chaos. The actor’s surname was Galeota and the musician’s surname is Galeotti which looks identical if not listened properly. There are incredible sources that have written that Michael is dead.

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Where is Michael Galeotti Now?

Although his death is just a rumor, he has been away from social media for a long time. His Twitter and Instagram handle has not been active since 2016. His last tweet was about his random stuff. After getting a divorce he was not spotted with any girls which suggest that he was single.

He was active on social media even after his career break. However, it seems that he wanted to move away from the media’s attention. So there is no prior news about where is he now and what he might be involved in.

Short Bio of His Ex-Wife, Bethany Joy Lenz

Bethany Joy Lenz is a familiar name in the entertainment industry. She was born n 1981 on 2nd April in Florida, USA. Being a multitalented girl she is a director, actress and singer. Her best-known piece of work is as Harley Scott in the TV drama series One Tree Hill and as a member of the band Everly.

She started experimenting with her role in performing arts in the early stage of her career. She sang in the Carpenter’s Church in Lakeland and since then improved her skills. Meanwhile, she also spent her four years at Dallas Young Actors Studio.

Bethany Joy Lenz looking at the buttons
Source: Instagram @joylenz

She performed in commercials in the late 80s during her childhood. At the age of seventeen, she gained her major role as Reva Shyane in the CBS Daytime soap opera Guiding Light for nine episodes. She went on to be part of various series like One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected and many more

Her first music album was released in 2002 named Preincarnate and later went on to work on several albums. She also worked with the band Enation in releasing the theme song for the TV series One Tree Hill.

She has also joined the line of Philanthropy and has been active in supporting international human rights. Meanwhile, she has also access to her jewelry and boutique which has added a fortune to her net worth.

Michael Galeotti Net Worth

He was famous for his relationship with his ex-wife. But he has also made a name for himself in his career as a musician.

Throughout his career as an actor and pianist, he made around $750k. However, we don’t have exact data on his wealth after he left the public view.

His ex-wife Bethany, on the other hand, has an outstanding net worth of $6 million. The couple has owned real estate together but there is not much information about it in the meantime.

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