Untold Facts About Danny DeVito’s Daughter, Grace Fan DeVito

Grace Fan DeVito comes from a family of actors. Both parents are top actors in Hollywood. Grace is a star kid who is popular because of her parents. She is best known as the daughter of Twins actor, Danny DeVito and Poms actress, Rhea Perlman.

However, recently, she has established herself as a solid producer. Alongside that, she is also popular for her art. Recently she is praised by netizens for her work as an artist. We can see her masterclass work on her Instagram profile as well.

Well, here in this article we will discuss her personal life and details. So let’s directly get into that.

How Old is Grace Fan DeVito?

Grace Fan DeVito was born in 1985 and she cuts her birthday cake on the 25th of March every year with her friends and family. So, she is 37 years old as of now. Likewise, she is an American by her nationality as she was born and raised in the United States of America.

Well, she belongs to a mixed ethnical group as her father is of Italian descent and her mother is of Polish descent.

Grace Fan DeVito with her painting
Source: Instagram

Her Parents

As mentioned above, both her parents are Hollywood Superstar. Her father is Danny DeVito, who is an actor cum filmmaker. Danny has been in the industry since 1969 and has been part of 142 credits. Out of 142 projects, 6 projects are still in the post-production phase.

Also as a producer, he has produced 45 credits and has directed 23 credits already. Interestingly as a writer, he has part of 4 credits.

Likewise, her mother is Rhea Perlman, she is also an actress. She started her career in the industry in 1972 and has been part in 113 projects already. She also has won a Primetime Emmy Award for an outstanding supporting role in a comedy series and an American Comedy Award for Funniest Supporting Female Performer in a TV Series.

Her Siblings

She also has two other siblings named Lucy Chet DeVito, and Jacob Daniel DeVito. Like her, both her siblings are also part of the movie industry. Lucy is famous for her work in the movie Melissa and Joey. Likewise, Jacob is popular among the audience for his association with projects like Toms River, The Better Angeles, and Curmudgeons.

Her Education

Concerning her education, she is a graduate of Brown University. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Theater in the year 2005. Since her early days, she has been interested in art be it acting or panting. Later she turned that into her profession as well.

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Grace Fan DeVito Produced Her First Movie at 20

Grace was in her college when she produced her first movie. The movie was titled My Girlfriend’s Abroad. This project was focused on the issues faced by college teens. Following that, she then became a part of Bloom. Bloom was a short movie for a mature audience.

Besides being a producer she also has two acting credits. Her career as an actor started pretty late. In 2015 she was first seen on the silver screen when she acted as herself in Amboy.

Likewise, after 2 years she also did a TV series titled “Jeff and Some Aliens “. There she portrayed the role of an Alien Actress. Well, that is all about acting and a career as a producer. Also, she has her own IMDb profile with a short bio already.

Grace Fan DeVito with her client and his painting
Source: Instagram

Grace Fan DeVito is Also an Artist

Recently Grace is getting popular as an artist as well. She is more into painting and fine art this day. After she went to the school of visual Art things changed for her. Well, as of now she is working with Grace Mehan Devito Fine Art.

As an artist, she has also worked with famous clients like Pepsi, The United Nations, and Sony. Reports suggest that she left commercial art just to focus on Fine art. Well, Grace is also an expert in portrait painting and she learned this skill from her teacher Laurel Stern Boeck.

Moreover, she has also been able to put herself in The Grand Central Atelier’s first Still Life Competition in 2014. Likewise, she also bagged The Award of Excellence for Realism at The Oil Painters of America’s Eastern Regional Exhibition. Furthermore, she offers workshops through GRACE DEVITO FINE ART.

Is Grace Fan DeVito Married?

We can’t surely say if she is already married or not. As Grace likes to live a low-key lifestyle, she has not talked about her love life or married life on mainstream media. So we could not get any information about her love life.

However, we do know that she has a daughter. In 2013, she was seen with her daughter in a special screening of CBGB in New york city. Also, her biological father’s details are yet to float on the web.

Both Her Siblings are Actors

As mentioned above, Grace’s siblings are part of the movie industry. Not only they are part of the movie industry, but they are also popular actors in the industry as well. Her older sister Lucy is an actress and producer who has been part of projects like Deadbeat, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Leaves of Grass. She also has a huge fanbase on the web as well.

On other hand, her brother Jocab is also an actor who has been part of some remarkable credits. His most popular project is “The Better Angels and Curmudgeons”.

Grace Fan DeVito receiving an award
Source: Instagram

Grace Fan DeVito’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Grace Fan DeVito has an estimated net worth of $500,000. However, the artist has not shared her exact earnings. She made some of her fortunes from her career as a movie producer. But in current days she is also earning a handful amount of money as a commercial portrait painter.

On her Instagram, we can see her work for her client. Besides, she also regularly gives workshops. That also obviously boost her earnings.

On other hand, her father Danny DeVito has an astonishing net worth of $80 million dollars. He made most of his earnings as a professional actor and producer. He owns a lavish bungalow in Beverly Hills California. Alongside that, he also has a vacation home in Interlaken, New Jersey.

Body Measurement

Grace in her late 30s is still as charming as she was in her 20s. going through her photo she seems to have a height of 5 feet 6 inches. However, details about her exact height are still under the shadow.

Additionally, she has beautiful eyes brown in color, and blond hair. Also, she seems to follow a proper diet as she is fit and in perfect shape.

Follow Her on Instagram

Grace is registered as @gmdevito on Instagram. She has a decent fanbase as she is already followed by 10k individuals. Furthermore, she has posted 270 posts and is following 565 people as of now. Unfortunately, her Profile is yet to get a blue tick.

On her Instagram, Grace post most of her art. We can see her fine painting on her profile. Most of her commercial work for clients has already been made up to her profile.

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