Untold Facts About Rita Ora’s Father, Besnik Sahatçiu

Besnik Sahatçiu is an Albanian businessman and pub owner, renowned as the father of the Let You Love Me singer, Rita Ora. Rita is a British singer, songwriter and actress. She is the first British female solo artist to have thirteen top ten songs in the United Kingdom.

Although Besnik gained massive fame due to his daughter, he was already somewhat popular in Kilburn, Rita’s hometown.

Today, we are going to talk about the man who made Rita Ora who she is now.

Let’s Start.

Who is Besnik Sahatçiu?

Besnik Sahatçiu is most popular as the father of the British singer/songwriter, Rita Ora. He was born in March 1961, in Kosovo. He is a nominal Muslim. His birth name is Besnik Sahatçiu but added Ora after moving to Britain.

Talking about his profession, he is a businessman and a pub owner. Likewise, he is also the head of distribution of an alcoholic beverage company, Próspero Tequila.

He is also the owner of Queen’s Arms pub, one of the most popular pubs in Kilburn. The pub is also the starting place for Rita’s career.

Besnik Sahatçiu

Besnik Sahatçiu Moved From Kosovo to London

Rita’s father moved from Kosovo to London in 1991 with his family when she was still a baby. At the time, the Albanians were being persecuted in the country. So, to protect his family, Besnik moved to London.

However, after 23 years of leaving the country, Rita Ora was named an Honorary Ambassador of Kosovo in 2015.

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His Father was a Kosovo Film Director

The Ora family has been a family of entertainers since Rita’s grandfather’s generation. Besnik’s father and Rita’s paternal grandfather was a Kosova film director named Besim Sahatçiu. His ethnographic film, 117, won the Grand Prix at the Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival in 1978.

Likewise, he is also a winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Cinematography. Moreover, he has a street in Pristina named after him.

His Movement to London was Life Changing for His Children

Besnik’s decision to move to London wasn’t just because of Albanian persecution. He transferred so that his children can have a good life. According to Rita Ora, her parents didn’t know any English, but they moved to London so that their children can have a better careers.

Moreover, while they had just transferred from Kosovo, the family of four used to live in a single room. They didn’t know any English and also didn’t have a good job. So, Besnik used to work all day and his wife used to study during the day and worked as a waitress at night.

Then, after the birth of their third child, Don, they moved to form the single-room apartment to Kensal Rise.

Besnik Sahatçiu Owns a Pub

Rita Ora’s father is one of the most famous pub owners in the UK. After years of moving from Kosovo, he bought the Queen’s Arms pub in Kilburn. It was around in the late 90s. Since then, he has made it one of the best pubs in town and still runs it.

Moreover, Rita’s musical career also began at the pub. She used to perform frequently when she was just beginning her musical career. So, it’s no joke to tell that the pub made her the singer she is now.

In 2012, Rita told the Evening Standard: “I love eating at my dad’s pub, the Queen’s Arms in Kilburn. It does a traditional Albanian spinach pie.”

The Real Meaning Behind His Surname

Besnik’s surname, Sahatçiu means “watchmaker” in Turkish. It was easy to pronounce in Kosovo as it was a common surname. However, in England, it’s quite tough.

So, he added Ora (Besnik Sahatçiu Ora) which means “time” after moving to England.

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Besnik Sahatçiu is Married to a Psychatrist

Besnik Sahatçiu and Vera Sahatçiu

Besnik has been married to a dashing lady named Vera Sahatçiu for over three decades. The couple exchanged wedding vows on May 19, 1988.

Vera is a psychiatrist based in London. To be precise, she is an NHS psychiatrist.

His Wife was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

At the age of 39, Vera was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a hard time for their family. Vera says,

“The whole family is still left with the anxieties that cancer ingrains. Rita gets anxious and sometimes has panic attacks.”

She added:

“(At the time) Rita rebelled a little, bunking off school for a couple of weeks. It was her mental escape.”

However, she underwent a mastectomy and is currently living a happy life. Moreover, she is also the face of a post-mastectomy swimwear range.

According to her, she was self-conscious after the mastectomy and tried to cover up or sew the fabric into her swimming tops. Then, she discovered the Amoena range, which is designed especially for women like her. So, she started to front the campaign.

Besnik Sahatçiu Has Three Children

Besnik Sahatçiu with his wife and daughter

Besnik is a father to three children; Elena, Rita and Don. We all know Rita. She is the most famous one. She has been making numerous hits since her early days.

Likewise, his eldest daughter, Elena is the backbone supporting his youngest daughter, Rita. Elena has managed her popstar sibling since she was just 18 years old and now works as the creative director of brands Red Ora and Ora LTD.

Likewise, his younger son, Don, graduated with a business degree at Regent’s University London in 2019.

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