Untold Truth About Randy Jackson’s Ex-Wife, Erika Riker

Erika Riker is a former ballet dancer, entrepreneur and businesswoman.

A really strong woman fights all her life battles, accepts the war she went through, and never gives up.

Life is not the same for everyone. For each individual, happiness and hardships come differently. These are mere phases of life that everyone has to pass subsequently.

Today we are going to discuss such a strong woman and mother who has gracefully handled her life journey so far, loving and caring for her children and family always.

Let’s get to know about Erika Riker. Her life phases from childhood to till now, her family, relationships, and many more are down below.

Who is Erika Riker?

Erika Riker is known widely as the ex-wife of Randy Jackson. Randy is a renowned and well-established Musician based in America. He worked as a judge on American Idol, a famous music reality show. Basically, he is quite popular as the longest-serving Judge on the show.

Similarly, he is overall considered a whole package as a music personality. The audience knows him as a great musician, singer, record producer, television personality, and entrepreneur too.

In most cases, Erika is known through Randy’s identity. But she is not limited to only being a celebrity wife.

Before crossing paths with her ex-husband, she was a glorious ballet dancer who was considered excellent in her works. In the same way, she claimed herself to a successful entrepreneurial career as well through her dance academy.

How Old is Erika Riker?

Erika Riker's graduation
Source: @erikadjack

The birthplace of Erika Riker is California. So according to assumptions, probably she spent her childhood there with her family. Erika was born on December 31, 1969. As of 2022, she will be 51 years old approximately.

Her Parents

She keeps and has always kept her personal life secret all along. It is also unknown who her parents are and where are they now.

Additionally, she has never expressed or spoken anything relating to her family history. The information related to her family background, her family members, if she has brothers or sisters, etc is unavailable till now.

Her Education

Upon shedding the light on her educational journey, she is believed to have completed her schooling in her hometown California probably. And after that, She is reported to have completed her bachelor’s degree from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

Erika Riker is a Former Ballet Dancer

Erika, before being in the limelight, is reported to be a very talented ballet dancer. She worked in some music videos at the beginning of her career.

While working in the entertainment industry as a dancer, she crossed paths with Randy. They happened to be in an intimate relationship which became highlighted through media. That as a result, added more focus on Erika obviously.

Besides being a dancer, she is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. Riker once operated as a Family Foundation’s CEO. The company was shut down some time ago and is no longer in operation. Her company “Family Foundation” concentrated on dance, Zumba, fitness activities, and other athletic pursuits, particularly for youngsters.

Erika enjoyed dancing and had a successful ballet career. But after being married, she decided to become a stay-at-home mother and gave up her job.

As a result of her close friendship with Hollywood musician Randy Jackson, Erika’s fame quickly grew. On the contrary, she continues to receive media attention as Randy Jackson’s ex-wife as always.

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Erika Riker and Randy Jackson Married After a Few Months of Dating

Here are some info surrounding the former husband and wife’s romantic history for your insight.

When they first met, a love flame began to ignite between them. Their love affair developed quite swiftly. And after a few months of dating, the devoted pair made the decision to commit to one another.

Randy and Erika got married in 1995. The marriage ceremony was held in secret. The bond between the pair was incredibly loving. The married couple frequently went to public events together. Erika, however, filed a divorce petition in September 2014. Nearly two decades passed during their 19-year marriage.

Reason For Their Divorce

Randy and Erika’s divorce was finalized on February 7, 2019.

Erika requested shared legal guardianship of their teenage son Jordan and complete parenting responsibility in the court petition she filed. Riker said that she wanted her ex-husband to pay her alimony and child support. She wanted Randy to pay for her legal fees as well.

The divorce settlement’s full justification and other information have not been made public. Furthermore, the pair reportedly lacks any written agreements or contracts that have been signed.

Erika Riker Has Two Children With Randy Jackson

Erika Riker's children Joe and Jordan
Source: @erikadjack

Riker and Jackson’s two children are daughter Zoe and son Jordan. They both have grown maturely becoming individuals of their own kind.

After one year of marriage, they welcomed their daughter, Zoe into the world. And in 1998, three years into their marriage, they welcomed a son as their second child.

Zoe has grown to become a beautiful lady. She is active on social media and is quite popular too. She loves photography. We can find her sharing pictures along with her parents and brother on her Instagram account @zmpjackson. She has 2145 followers.

Accordingly, Jordan is following in his father’s footsteps and is working on a musical background. He has become a popular DJ and Producer. We can find Jordan active on Instagram under the account @okayjjack with 1553 followers.

The two siblings seem to appear very close to each other.

Past Relationships

There is no history related to Erika’s past relationships. We know Erika only from the phase where she started dating Randy Jackson. She had just turned 26 years old at the time she met him.

The former pair Randy and Erika first came into contact while working on a music video in 1995. In the same year that they started dating, they got married.

However, Erika was Randy’s second wife. Prior to Erika, Randy was married to a woman named Elizabeth with whom he divorced in 1990.

Erika Riker's Children
Source: @erikadjack

Up until they made the decision to get a divorce, everything seemed to be going well between them. On February 4, 2014, they filed a divorce petition.

Erika Riker Net Worth

As of now, Riker hasn’t revealed her earnings and net worth. However, considering her career as a businesswoman and entrepreneur, we can assume her to have a hefty sum to her name.

On the other hand, her ex-husband, Randy Jackson has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

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Where is Erika Riker Now?

Erika has a very secretive personality. She is not usually active on social media platforms. Similarly, she never shares her life events particularly.

She previously was seen on an Instagram account @erikadjack where she posted pictures of herself and her son and daughter. The last post is of a pet cat about 21 weeks ago.

Vocal and expressive features do not match her persona. So, we can’t be exactly precise about the fact regarding what she is doing at the present moment. However, she may be supporting her children while bearing her motherly duties and moving on with her life consequently. Moreover, she is very close to her kids and lives her life individually.

Through the reports, She does not seems to be dating anyone currently as she has not made any public statement concerning it. But from her Instagram, we can get a hint that she probably has someone now correspondingly.

Besides, her ex-husband Randy Jackson is in a relationship at the current time. He is dating another person now.

This is all about Erika Riker. Hope you liked it.

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