Untold Truth About Wil Willis’ Wife, Krystle Amina

Krystle Amina is an American artist, illustrator, and interior decorator, who gained fame as the wife of actor Wil Willis. Wil is an actor and writer, known for Forged in Fire (2015), Special Ops Mission (2009) and Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World (2011).

The couple has been married for over 5 years and also has a handsome baby son.

In this article, we will delve into the life of the celebrity spouse, including her birthdate, birthplace, career and many more.

How Old is Krystle Amina?

Krystle Amina was born in 1985, in California. As of now, she is around 37 years old. However, the celebrity spouse hasn’t revealed her exact birth date.

Likewise, she is of mixed ethnicity. Her father is from Saudi Arabia and her mother is Caucasian. Similarly, she is of American nationality.

Her Parents

Krystle was born to parents from totally different ethnicities. Her father is an Arab while her mother is Caucasian. She was born to Salah Al Mudarris and Dawn Almudarris.

Her Siblings

Krystle isn’t the only child of her parents. Besides her, she has a sister named Tiffany and four brothers; Brandon, Tyler, Adel, and Khalid Almudarris.

So, growing up, she never had to feel alone. She always had friends like siblings around her.

When Did Krystle Amina First Meet Wil Willis?

Krystle Amina with her husband and son

Amina and Willis haven’t revealed the exact date of their meeting. Neither have they revealed when they started dating. However, Krystle posted their first picture on January 28, 2017.

Likewise, Wil had also shared the same picture, believed to be from before they started dating. The actor shared the picture, urging his fans to follow Krystle or he won’t get laid. So, they might have started dating sometime around that.

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Wil Willis Proposed Krystle Amina with a Skull Ring

Wil, being former military, and often portraying macho roles on screen also has the same persona. So, he took the same persona while proposing to his beloved.

The actor proposed to his then-girlfriend, Amina on March 23, 2017, in New York City with a skull-faced ring. He had posted the happy moment on his Instagram handle.

Since then, the couple has been quite active on social media. They are not shy about their love life and often share each other’s pictures on Instagram. Also, they make frequent appearances together in public.

When Did Krystle Amina Got Married to Wil Willis?

After dating for a couple of months, the duo got engaged in March 2017. Then, the same year, the couple also tied the knot. They had their wedding on October 10, 2017, at North Topanga Canyon Boulevard, California.

Both of them looked mesmerizing; Krystle in a beautiful white mesh-like off-shoulder gown and Wil in a dashing cream-colored suit.

At present, the Willis family resides in Lake Arrowhead where Krystle also works as a Realtor.

Krystle Amina Has One Child With Wil Willis

Krystle Amina with her son

After a couple of years of their marriage, Amina gave birth to a dashing son, Flash Orion Willis. Flash was born on March 6, 2020. To announce the good news, Wil posted a picture on Instagram directly from the operation theatre.

As with all the parents having their first kid, the Forged in Fire former host also couldn’t handle the excitement.

Although Flash is the only kid of Amina, Willis has two other kids from his past relationship. Both of the kids are boys; Caleb and Jacob. However, the actor hasn’t revealed details of their mother.

Wil loves all of his kids. Rather, he is a very doting father. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he stepped out of the position of the host in order to limit exposure. He might have probably done it to keep his newly born son away from the virus.

Krystle Amina is a Realtor

Besides being an artist, illustrator, and interior decorator, the celebrity spouse also works as a realtor. She works from LakeView Realty and has a website called Cozy Mountain Living. Likewise, she works around Southern California, mostly around Lake Arrowhead Big Bear, Crestline, and Running Springs.

Krystle Amina Also Runs a Couple of Businesses

Although her husband is a famed personality and makes a good amount of money, Krystle doesn’t depend on him financially. She works as a realtor and also runs a few businesses.

She has a store named Brass and Bonez. The store makes jewelry, beanies, and tops. The store seems to be registered at Depop.

Likewise, she along with some of her siblings runs a Recreational Club named The Marijuana Factory.

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She Faced Backlash for Smoking Weed

In one of her Instagram pictures, Krystle was seen with a joint in her right hand. This led her to face some backlashes. Ordinarily, It might not be a problem, but she had given birth just two months ago and it might have a negative impact on breastfeeding child

However, Krystle later clarified that she is taking it due to a medical condition. According to her, during her third trimester of pregnancy, she had multiple seizures and was sent to a specialist at seven months who recommended her marijuana.

She Loves Cars

Krystle Amina repairing her car

Amina is an avid car enthusiast, particularly, classic cars. She often posts car content on her Instagram handle. Likewise, she owns a beautiful red Mustang GT.

Likewise, one of her brothers owns a corvette which she also takes for a spin from time to time.

Krystle Amina Net Worth

Amina runs several businesses and also works as a realtor. So, her earnings must be pretty substantial. However, the celebrity spouse has yet to reveal her exact net worth. We believe it to be more than a couple of thousand dollars; however, we couldn’t verify it.

Her husband, on the other hand, has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2022. He is also a car enthusiast like his wife and owns several beautiful cars.

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