Vanessa Morgan & Michael Kopech’s Relationship Timeline

Vanessa Morgan and Michael Kopech were one of the most talked-about couples in the Hollywood Industry. Also, the whole internet went crazy when they first heard about their relationship. Well, netizens are eager to know more about their relationship.

So here in this article, we will have a look at their relationship history, how they met, and post-breakup events. Let’s go.

Vanessa Morgan and Michael Kopech were in Relationship For 2 years

Yes, you heard it right. Hollywood fame, Vanessa and baseball player, Michael were in a relationship for more than 2 years. After being in a relationship for that long they officially exchanged their wedding ring.

Regarding their wedding, they officially married each other on the 4th of January 2020. Prior to that, they announced their engagement on the 3rd of July in the year 2019. Similarly, their wedding was the talk of the town at the time that took place.

All the news portal covered their wedding and they were trending all over the media and internet.

michael and vanessafrom their photoshoot
Source: News Nation

6 Months Later Michael filled for a Divorced

Well, the whole world was shocked to know this news. After officially being married to his bae, Michael filed for a divorce. On the 19th of June same year, he officially filed for Divorced.

Moreover, none of them publically talked about their decision. But the various source says that things were not going as they wanted. Likewise, if sources are to be believed at that time period Michael was under depression and anxiety. And things were not under his control.

Similarly, his pitching mentor Don Cooper, in the meantime, told the Chicago Sun-Times throughout the late spring of 2020 that he was “concerned” that Kopech is “not OK” as he “manages a few uneasiness and gloom” after he quit the 2020 season.

Vanessa Morgan & Michael Kopech are parents of a Baby Boy

It may sound surprising but the truth is what it is. A piece of surprising news arrived in the month of July 2020, when Morgan announced that she was pregnant. Just a month after Micheal had filed for divorce, the news came that Vanessa was pregnant and was expecting a baby. It was quite a shocker for most of the audience.

Following her pregnancy, she and her bae, Michael Kopech welcomed their first baby in the year 2021. And as of 2022, he is just a year old. For many months they didn’t show his face to the people.

However, as of now, we can find his face pictures all over the web. Also, her parents have posted his pictures on their social media platforms like Instagram. Moreover, their baby’s name is River Kopech.

michael-kopech-vanessa-morgan in their wedding
source: Married Biography

Their Divorce Hasn’t Been Finalized

As of now, we don’t have proper information about their divorce. But on Vanessa’s Wikipedia, it says that the case was pending as of 2020. Nonetheless, for now, we can’t say more about her divorced. Also, the couple has not publicly talked about their divorce for now.

So we will update this section once we get our hands on the details related to their divorce

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