Who is Veibae? Is She Dating Sodapoppin?

Veibae is a famous Vtuber. She is mostly famous for her streams across streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube. In an easy word, we can title her a streamer who is most famous in the Japanese VTuber community.

She was initially an independent VTuber, but recently, she joined VShojo. She is a succubus.

Despite being a streamer, not much about her personal life is known to the public. So here in this article, we will try to cover that part as well.

How Old is Veibae?

As of now, her exact date of birth is still missing from the year. She is a private person who has not shared any of her personal details with the general public. However, she is from Europe.

But we can say, her game character was born in the year 2020. In that year she debuted her 3d character.

Similarly, she was on platforms like Twitch from the year 2015. Nonetheless, her character got a huge boost only after 2020 and she instantly became one of the most tuber individuals.

Moreover, this streamer also has not shared her family details on the web as of now. But we believe her family is currently living in the UK as various sources suggest.

She is a Professional Streamer

Yes, as mentioned above she is a professional streamer. she has been streaming on various platforms like Youtube, and Twitch. She started streaming in the year 2015. But for some weird reason, her profile got to heights only after the year 2020.

Currently, she has 866K followers on her Twitch channel. On her channel, she frequently streams games like Metal Gear Rising and Elden Ring. Not only that, but she also frequently interacts with her subscribers as she also streams Stream like Just chatting. In that, stream she answers her fan’s and well-wishers’ queries.

veibae picture
Source: Sportskeeda

She got more than 500k Sub on Her Youtube

She made her Youtube debut in the year 2020. To be precise, she first started the channel on the 4th of May in the year 2020. As of today, she has 22,770,676 views on her channel.

She uploads her stream’s highlights on this channel. But she does not stream on her Youtube channel as she is affiliated with Twitch. Likewise, she is currently subscribed by 577k Subscribers. Her channel is growing pretty fast and is one of the most popular gaming channels of her reason.

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Is Veibae Single?

Unfortunately, she has not shared her relationship details with the general public. She may be dating someone in private, but seems like she will make it public once it is official.

However, she is rumored to be in a close relationship with fellow Twitch star, Sodapoppin. The couple first made their public appearance on the VTubers vs. Degens episode.

Since then, they started getting close to each other. Moreover, they also began to stream more and more together. They also “jokingly” flirted a lot which made the viewer even surer of their relationship.

However, it is still not sure if they dated or are still dating.

Veibae Net worth

According to SocialBlade, her yearly estimated earning is between $8.2K to $130.7K.However, the figure may not match exactly as there may be increments and decrements in her earnings.

Besides, she also gets a handful sum of money from her Twitch Channel as she is a full-time streamer on that platform.

So as a streamer she is making a good sum of money and is living a happy and comfortable life.

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