Who is Wendy Rieger? Know Her Bio, Husband, Net Worth and Other Details

Many people die without making a name for themselves, while some people’s death mourns the whole world. Wendy Rieger is the latter type. Her death saddened the entire world.

Wendy was a journalist and actor, renowned as the anchor person for WRC-TV. She was also the founder of Going Green. It is an environmental report that she published online.

Furthermore, she has achieved several awards in her lifetime. She is also an Emmy Award winner, the award that every journalist longs for. She won the Emmy for her report on the Vietnam War. Additionally, she has won several awards from Washingtonian Magazine.

Concerning her relationship, she was married to a dashing guy named Dan Buckley.

Details of Wendy Rieger Early Life

Wendy Rieger was born on April 18, 1856, in Norfolk, Virginia. She was American by nationality. As per her birth date, her birth sign was Aries.

She was born to her mother, Maxine, and her father, Donald Rieger. Her mother was an English teacher and a reading specialist. Meanwhile, her father was a pilot. It is also reported that her father was one of the captains who fought and served in the second world war.

Likewise, she grew up with her brother in her hometown. However, she hasn’t revealed the name of her brother.

In an interview, Rieger once revealed that by the time she was 6, she was covering the daily news.

Her Parents Divorced When She was Just 8

The actor had to face the harsh reality of her parent’s separation when she was just 8. It was a hard time for her, however, it did not demotivate her from studying.

She used to go to the library and borrow five books per day. Besides, she had also mentioned that she could not wait until she went home to read those amazing books.

Wendy Rieger in an interview
Source: YouTube

Her Education

After completing her high school studies, Wendy enrolled in the American University. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism in 1980.

Wendy Rieger Started as a Newsreader in Tidewater

Talking about her career as a journalist, she started as a newsreader for a radio station based in Tidewater. Throughout her career, she has worked with several renowned news portals including WTOP, WLTT-FM, WAMU, WRC-TV and NBC.

Besides, in the 1970s, she served as an actor in Norfolk. This is the only record we have on her acting credit.

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She is the Founder of Going Green

Rieger was the host of The Green Room. Through her series, she put her whole effort to help the environment. Besides, she is the first tv journalist who covered the environment through her series, Going Green.

The main objective of Going Green was to save energy and commit to a healthier lifestyle for animals and the public. She began airing her segments on the NBC network and on Nightly news. She also provided a professional email for the audience as [email protected]

Additionally, she has won the Washington Green Award in 2008. She earned the award due to her work toward environmental safety and preservation.

Wendy Rieger was Married Twice

The WRC-TV reporter was married twice in her lifetime. Her first husband was a guy named Sol Levine. Sol is a television producer. He has worked with popular channels like CNN, NBC and ABC among many more.

The couple exchanged their wedding vows in September 1993. Although they haven’t revealed their separation date, they split only after a few years of their marriage.

Then, after several years of her divorce from Levine, Wendy met a dashing guy named Dan Buckley. Dan is a former photographer. They tied the knot in November 2021.

A witness revealed that Wendy was holding the hand of her husband before her death. This explains how beautiful their relationship was and how much they care for each other.

As per some sources, on the 1st of January, 2022, she made a new year resolution that, she wanted to live the next 33 years with her lovely husband, Dan. However, the tragedy took place and everything was scattered.

Furthermore, after her death, Buckley expresses his feeling through a Rabindranath Tagore quote via his Instagram handle. The quote goes ” Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.”

How Old was Wendy Rieger at The Time of Her Death?

She died at the age of 65, i.e on 16 April 2022 due to glioblastoma. Glioblastoma aka GBM is a rare terminal cancer that kills more than 10 thousand Americans in a year. The late journalist had just 2 days before turning 66.

Many popular figures, as well as media journalists, had given condolence to her family members and relatives. Such as The Washington Post, NBC Washington, and many others could be seen presenting their final goodbye.

For her obituary, her loved ones, as well as colleagues, were gathered to provide sympathy.

Did She Have Any Health Issues?

The former actor cum journalist had several health problems. She had heart surgery in October 2020. The surgery was successful as it was done to repair a faulty mitral valve.

The following year, she was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer. After that, she underwent many surgeries and treatments. She also retired from her job in December 2021 to focus on her health.

However, her wish to live more was not heard by cancer. She had been strong throughout the treatment, but just before several weeks of her 66th birthday, cancer returned aggressively. And, she passed away leaving behind everyone.

Wendy Rieger with her husband, Dan Buckley
Source: theancestory.com

Wendy Rieger Net Worth

At the time of her demies, Wendy Rieger had an estimated net worth of $600,000. She had earned the fortune mostly from her career as a journalist.

As we know, she professionally started her career as a reporter in 1988. She has given 33years of her life to the journalism field. So, her time must have acquired her to earn some decent earnings in her active years.

Wendy Rieger with glasses
Source: Twitter

Body Measurements

It is reported that, the media personality had a height of 1.6 m i.e equal to 5 feet and 4 inches. Likewise, she weighed around 60kg.

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