What Does Lisha Bai Do For Living? Know Her Life With Peter Scanavino

Having a famous and successful spouse can sometimes limit your identity to being known as that individual’s better half. But things were different for Lisha Bai, who made a name of her own. Lisha Bai is a painter and a postwar artist. 

She is married to Peter Scanavino, who himself is famous for his role in the American crime thriller series: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Who is Lisha Bai?

Lisha was born in the USA in 1979. She is an American citizen of Asian ancestry. Due to a lack of knowledge about her early life, her birth date, and parent identities remain unknown.

Lisha Bai attended Yale University, Connecticut for her undergraduate program. She did her graduation from Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts in Painting. 

She also received a Bachelor’s degree in printmaking from Yale University. She prioritized her interest in art and pursued her further education as a Terra Summer Residency Fellow in Giverny, France.

Lisha Loves to Paint

As of now, Lisha is fully focused on arts and paintings and is inclined towards promoting art pieces of other fellow painters and artists. Lisha is the founder of Studio Archive Project whose website reads: “Studio Archive Project is an artist-run online site to view and purchase a curated collection of work direct from artists’ archives. 

Through monthly virtual exhibitions on the homepage and searchable catalog, we give access to works once hidden away in artists’ studios.” This site runs exhibitions and helps various artists to get paid for their conscientious work. 

Apart from Studio Archive Project, Lisha also has the proficiency as a Lecturer of fine arts at Pratt Institute situated in Brooklyn. She has been teaching arts and design at the university since 2005. 

Lisha is an expert when it comes to painting, something she must love doing, and has many best-known paintings. She has done many exhibitions of her paintings with the first one taking place in 2002, while she was still studying at Yale University. 

She has done various exhibition programs around numerous places in the world with some of them being: London, Minneapolis, North Adams, Philadelphia, etc.

Lisha and Peter Has Been Together For Over a Decade

Lisha and Peter
Source: Celebsgraphy

Peter and Lisha married on July 2, 2011, and have three children together. According to some sources on the internet, Ludo Scanavino is their first and Leo Scanavino is their second child. However, there are not much information regarding their third child.

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Lisha Bai Net Worth

Lisha has been making a lucrative amount of earnings from doing something she loves. Due to her being creative and her capability to generate different ideas, she has an impressive amount of earnings from her career. 

According to the sources, she has a net worth of around $2 million. It is a huge amount considering her famous celebrity husband Peter has a net worth of around $1 million. 

Social Media

Lisha is very discreet when it comes to social media and the internet, so much information about her is unknown. In her Instagram account (lisha_bai), she only posts about her work and nothing about her personal life.

Lisha is dedicated towards her professional life but also equally inclined towards her personal life and moves forward with both of them together.

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