What Happened To Taran Noah Smith? Know His Controversial Marriage

If we have to choose one thing to watch a sitcom on TV, it is quite often that we love to watch shows about families and kids. Pretty much like that, Taran Noah Smith was one of the adorable kids on the sitcom who was praised for his magnificent acting skills. Most notably, he is known for his portrayal of the role of Mark Taylor on the sitcom Home Improvement.

Well, the Home Improvement much-loved star did hit a rock bottom in several ways when the show came to an end. Basically, his life hit the skids following several worst things that took over him. There are many strange things to know about a former star actor who is no more kid.

Let’s dig deep into his personal and professional life in this article. Stick with us to know more about him.

How Old is Taran Noah Smith? Age Revealed

Taran Noah Smith is 38 years of age as of now. In fact, he was born on the 8th of April 1984 which makes his birth sign Aries. Taran was born in San Francisco California, US. Therefore, he is American by nationality.

Speaking of his ethnicity, he is of mixed Italian, Swedish, and English descent.

His Parents

Taran was born to his father, David Smith, and his mother, Candy Bennici. He also has an older sister, Ariandre Hilary Smith. Hissister is an International model who has already worked on several top modeling projects.

He Had Accused His Parents of Using His Trust Fund

In addition, there was a feud between him and his parents. In this feud, it was an issue where he accused his parents of squandering to purchase themselves a beautiful mansion. He was 18 years of age when he gained control of his $1.5 million trust fund. On the behalf of the case, his mother stated that they didn’t touch his money as it was in a trust fund.

She also said that they were trying to protect him as he was just a teen kid. Later on, Smith realized that their parents didn’t do anything wrong but rather protected him instead.

His Education

When it comes to Smith’s educational background, he enrolled at the University of Southern California where he fancied studying film. His dream of studying film was cut short ending up dropping out of college. However, we’re quite unaware of his schooling days and childhood life.

Taran Noah Smith As A Star Kid

Getting recognized when he was a kid, Smith is nowhere to be seen on the screen. He starred from age of 6 to 16 on the show but didn’t continue to act after the show’s climax. It was quite surprising and tough to take for everyone about the end of his acting career.

To be very honest, it was a real pleasure and joy to see him outcast the role on the sitcom Home Imprisonment. Like many of you, we were also deeply saddened and heartbroken after such an intriguing decision made by him.

His Filmography Credits

Source: Zimbio

IMDb unfolds that the former Home Improvement star has 6 Actor credits for “7th Heaven”, “Ebbie”, “Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home” and 3 others, and 16 Self credits for “20/20″,” E! True Hollywood Story”, “Figure It Out”, and so on.

With his praising performance, he won Young Artist Award for Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor Under Ten for Home Improvement in 1992. Additionally, he also won Young Artist Award for Oustanding Youth Ensemble for the same sitcom in 1994.

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Taran Noah Smith Marriage Is Quite Controversial

When Taran decided to end his acting career at the age of 16, he married a woman who was 16 years older than him. It’s nothing new that kid fancy woman when it comes to romantic ventures.

We’ve already seen many male celebrities who have romantically dated much older women. So, just to clear your heads, Smith was also trying to find meaning in his life after deciding to end his career.

In fact, Taran Noah Smith married Heidi Van Pelt who was roughly in her 30s. At that point in time, his fans were extremely shocked knowing the nature of their age difference in marriage. Many fans poked him with several social media comments about the wedding. Well, it was exceedingly controversial which came to a discourteous end.

Taran Noah Smith in suit
Source: IMDb

Sources reveal that Smith met Van Pelt on the set when he was just 14 years of age and she was 30. After their wedding knot, this headline sparked several controversies in the media. Not just that, his parents also disapproved of his marriage which added extra spice to the marriage controversy.

When his parents found out about the age gap, they completely disagreed and withdrew support from their relationship. It was the major reason that Smith sued the case against his parents. As he was already 18 and legal, he tried to take full control of his money, taking his parents to court for squandering.

Reason Behind His Divorce From Heidi van Pelt

After a series of controversial headlines against Smith and Van Pelt’s unnatural marriage, the pair still stuck together for several years. They blindly defended the marriage despite everyone thinking it was a mistake. Eventually, almost after six years of tieing the knot, Smith and Van Pelt decided to split.

What are the reasons for divorce? Well, Van Pelt solely blamed Smith for their divorce. She blamed that he began to party excessively and also got accused of hash stemming. It was all triggered by an incident in which he was caught with an illegal substance.

Additionally, she also mentioned Smith was a cheater. And the worst part is that he also cheated on one of her friends during their marriage.

On the other hand, Smith blamed Van Pelt for their divorce. He confessed that van Pelt preferred girls over guys and kept bringing girls home. He also revealed that if her girls paid more attention to him, she’d get mad. On top of that, after their unfaithful relationship, she also stole from him.

Taran Noah Smith was Charged with DUI and Hash Possession

The former Home Improvement kid was charged in 2012. Moreover, he was charged with driving under the influence and possession of hash stemming in the year 2012.

Taran Noah Smith Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth divulges that Taran Noah Smith holds a net worth of around $300K. Widely known for his role as Mark Taylor for 8 seasons on the sitcom, Home Improvement, he has amassed great fortune to his name through his acting career.

Source: The Famous People

Apart from his acting career, he founded a vegan restaurant and catering company named PlayFood. Being a vegan, he formed a California-based specialized vegan and organic foods company. With his company, he also generates huge income. Above all, he is also the technical manager for the Community Submersibles Project.

Is Taran Noah Smith Active On Social Media?

Taran Noah Smith is not active on social media. Despite our series of attempts to find his social media handles, we’re unable to find any social media account under his username.

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