Who is Charlene Tilton? Know Her Husband, Children, Net Worth and More

Charlene Tilton is an American actress and singer, recognized for her major role in TNT’s Dallas revival series portraying the character of Lucy Ewings. Also, on 21st February she has appeared as the guest host on Saturday Night Live.

Charlene has acted on Dallas, Problem Child and, Cheerleader Camp. Tilton has married twice and both her relationship was short-lived.

Charlene Tilton was Born in California

Born on December 1, Charlene’s birthplace was in San Diego, California. Her mother was a secretary and her name was Katherine Thacker, however, information about her father hasn’t been publicized.

As a child, she grew up in a tough environment as her mother wasn’t mentally stable. Her schooling was completed at Hollywood High School, also she was the president of The Thespians Club.

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Charlene is a Multitalented Singer and Actress

She commenced her acting career from an early age. Her first debut in the movie was season four of Happy Days. After that, she has been in movies such as Freaky Friday, Sweater Girls, and Big Wednesday. Additionally, her other movie list in which she has appeared are; Diary of Teenage Hitchhiker, The Fall of the House of Usher, LOve Boats, Border Shootout, The silence of the Hams, DeVanity, Vengeance: A Love Story.

In addition to her acting career, Charlene is also a gifted singer with a beautiful voice. In 1981 she was the musical guest in Saturday Night Live where she sang the song, Lucy Ewing. Charlene had her own pop single C’est La Vie which has succeeded to gain fame in several European Countries

Throughout her lifetime she has been successful in receiving many awards such as Young Artist Award, TV Land Awards, Indie Series Awards, and Bambi Awards.

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Charlene Was Married Twice

The actress married twice in her lifetime. Her first husband is Johny Leen. His profession is singing. They both met on 14th February 1982 on valentine’s day. After two years of their marriage, the couple didn’t get along with each other because of their difference, and they divorced on June 28th June 1984. Together the couple has a child named Cherish Lee.

In 1985 she was married to another man, Domenick Allen, that marriage was also short-lived as the couple separated in1992. Later on, after the two unsuccessful marriages, she was in a relationship with Cheddy Hart. They started living together in Oxnard California. However, due to the unfortunate death of her lover, in 2009 she lost her partner due to a heart attack at the age of 54.

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Charlene Tilton Net Worth

 Charlene made her living as successful living as a singer and actress. Her earning throughout her lifetime, made her live a quality life. With her successful career in movies such as Happy Days, Eight is Enough, Big Wednesday, Knots Landing, and others she has made enough money.

Her total net worth is estimated to be sound $2 million in the year 2021.

Body Measurement

The beautiful singer and actress even in old age looks stunning and has a height is 1.50m tall and her weight is 54 kg.

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