Who is Derek Deso? Everything You Need to Know About the Youtube Star

Social sites like Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok have produced many celebrities. Derek Deso is one of those celebrities. He is a Youtuber popular for his prank videos with his girlfriends on his channel, DerekDesoDaily.

He is a YouTuber who has a channel of over 2.55 million subscribers. In terms of relationship status, the star is married to a beautiful lady named Sophia Turner.

Who is Derek Deso?

Derek was born on April 27, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is second-born and has two brothers, Steven and Ryan. The Youtube star was raised by a single mom. He attended Bellflower High School. 

Derek Started His Career as a Youtuber in 2010

Derek Deso's Youtube Channel

Derek first joined Youtube in August 2010, when he was just 23. He first created the channel, TheBoogShow together with his friends, Lil Moco, Qbanguy, and NesBoog. The channel uploaded a variety of videos like prank videos, videos of them eating spicy foods, alcohol pranks and pranks involving dangerous creatures.

Then, in 2011, Derek started his own Youtube channel, DerekDeso. The channel has gained 1.95 million subscribers as of the date of this article. Moreover, a year later, he started another channel, DerekDesoDaily. The channel has 2.56 million subscribers to date. 

He uploads content similar to TheBoogShow on his youtube channel. However, his content is mostly of the pranks on his girlfriends. Derek and his girlfriend constantly prank each other. Also, they prank their friends and family together. 

The star’s most viewed video to date is ‘Spying On My Girlfriend (WE BROKE UP AFTER THIS VIDEO)’. The video has gained 9.4 million views as of the date of this writing. The video is real, contrary to his other content, that is pranks. It showed that his girlfriend was sneaking with other men and they literally broke up after the video as the title suggested. 

Nowadays, the Youtuber has been playing the role of a mentor and also giving gifts like iPhones and video game consoles to bullying victims and kids in need. 

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Derek Used to Make Youtube Videos with His Ex-Girlfriend

Derek Deso and his ex-girlfriend Lycette

In past, Derek was dating a YouTuber named Lycette Cornejo. The couple used to prank each other and make many interesting videos. They would also do food eating challenges and make vacation vlogs. 

The couple announced in May 2017 that they were no more together. Then, on 4 December 2018, Lycette uploaded a video stating that she and Derek were together again. Then again on the 9th of the same month, she uploaded a video stating that they broke up.

Furthermore, on 12th December, Derek uploaded a video showing that he was having a problem between his ex-girlfriend and his girlfriend. Then, again on the 15th, he uploaded a video where they come to some kind of agreement where Derek would be dating both of them. 

He is Married to Sophia Turner

After breaking up with Lycette, and going through many dramas of their relationships, Derek has married Sophia. The couple first met in 2018, a few months after Derek’s break up with Lycette. Then, they were on and off for a few months. They struggled for a few months, however, they eventually got engaged.

Then, on 12 September 2020, the couple exchanged their wedding vows. That special day, Sophia wore a beautiful white gown while the groom wore a black tux with a white shirt. Sophia’s six-year-old son played the role of best man at the couple’s lavish wedding. 

Derek Deso Net Worth

The 34-year old star has an estimated net worth of $700,000. He has two youtube channels with 1.96 million and 2.56 million subscribers. He gets an average of 350k views daily. Likewise, he earns $630 per day and $230k per year from ads on his Youtube channel.

Body Measurements

Deso has an athletic body figure. He stands 6ft 4 inches tall and has a weight of 74 kg. 

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