Who is FaZe Nikan? Know His Bio, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height and More

FaZe Nikan is a Youtuber and Gamer who is part of the FaZe Clan. He is the creative director and co-founder of the clan who began his Youtube career in 2010. Once, he was suspended by FaZe Clan for an allegation of a cryptocurrency scam. 

Who is FaZe Nikan?

Nikan was born on October 17, 1996, in Toronto, Canada. His real name is Nikan Nadim. He has over a million subscribers on Youtube, 628k Followers on Instagram and over 635k followers on Twitter. 

Nikan Began His Youtube Career in 2010

The Youtuber first got into Youtube in 2010 as a graphic designer. As his friends (Xbox Gamers) needed designs for their YouTube team, he joined them. Their channel, FaZe Clan is the most subscribed gaming team on Youtube. 

At present, the Faze Clan has a graphic design studio called FaZe Studio. The studio works with companies like GFuel and Gamma Gamers to create official images. At present, Nikan works as a creative director and co-founder of the FaZe Clan offshoot FaZe Studio.

Nikan Started His Own Youtube Channel in 2012

FaZe Nikan

Then, in 2012, he started his own Youtube channel collaborating with the FaZe Clan. However, he only started posting videos in 2016. Likewise, he has had millions of views on his channel. His most viewed video to date is “Asking homeless people for money *You won’t believe what happens*”. The video has 4.4 million views. 

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He is Dating a Model

FaZe Nikan with his girlfriend, Victoria

The 24-year old Youtuber is dating a model, Victoria Bagford. Besides being a model, Victoria also has her own brand called Venus Wears. The brand sells Thrifted clothing and Handmade phone charms. 

The couple started dating in early 2010. Nikan first posted a picture together with his girlfriend on 1st January of 2021. However, Victoria had posted on July 10, 2020. 

FaZe Clan Suspended Nikan with an Allegation of Cryptocurrency Scam

Recently, FaZe Clan started a cryptocurrency token called ‘Save The Kids’. The company promised users that a percentage of the proceeds would go to charity. Various influencers ambassadors, including Ricegum and Nikan had vouched for it. 

Believing these high-profile endorsers, many fans poured their money into this scheme. The coin’s value remained solid for a couple of days. However, it immediately plummeted making the purchaser lose money by several orders of magnitude. The value of the coin went from about a penny to about a tenth of a penny. 

After investigations, it was found that Nikan along with Kay, Jarvis and Teeqo were pumping and dumping various cryptocurrency ‘altcoins.’ Then, Kay was kicked out of the clan while others were suspended. 

FaZe Nikan Net Worth

Faze Clan’s creative director has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He makes a decent earning from the main Youtube channel along with his own Youtube Channel. He also does various endorsements. 

Body Measurements

The Youtuber is a tall man. Nikan has an athletic body figure with a height of 6ft 8 inches and a weight of 110kg. He has black hair color and brown eyes color with white skin tone.

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