Who is Hervé Villechaize? Know His Bio, Net Worth, Wife and More

Hervé Villechaize was a famous french actor and painter. People who are obsessed with James Bond movies may have known him already. He has made name for himself from the late 80s to till date after thirty years of his death. The actor is dead and the story behind it is quite a heart-touching story.

Even born with a defect has always made cheerful appearances in movies and in real life also he always insisted on being called the dwarf. Hang in there and I would like you to take on a short trip with this marvelous painter and actor.

Who is Hervé Villechaize ?

Hervé Villechaize was born in the beautiful city of Paris on April 23, 1943. He was born with a defect so he remained a dwarf his whole life. He had black hair color and black eye color. Coming from a European and American bloodline he was really fascinated with his culture. He shared Taurus as his zodiac sign.

Among the four boys, he was the youngest. His father’s name was Andre Villechaize and his mother’s name was Evelyn. His father was a surgeon and he always tried to cure his disease but he failed miserably. Despite his condition, he has always observed life in a positive aspect.

Having to face bullying in school he was always determined to study and later in 1961 he joined Ecole Des Beaux Arts. He was the youngest person to get a degree in the field of arts. Later his family moved to the U.S. where he started his life and career in a new phase.

Herve Villechaize
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Hervé Villechaize Had Immense Success Initially

During his initial career, he worked as an artist, photographer, and actor. He started acting in Off-Broadway productions including Werner Liepolt’s The Young Master Dane and a play by Sam Shepherd. He also posed for photos for National Lampoon before jumping into the movies.

His first movie was Chappaqua (1996) and later got the part in Item 72-D; The Adventure of Spa and Fon by Edward Summer. Later on, he followed several films including The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight, Malatesta’s Carnival Of Blood(1973), Crazy Joe (1974), and Oliver Stone’s First movie Seizure (1974). He was asked to play a role in Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune but sadly it got canceled.

His big break was being a part of The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) by which time he was going through a worst financial situation making him live in his car in Los Angeles. During that time he had to work as a rat catcher’s assistant near his South Central Home. After the movie ended he had the best time in his movie according to his co-star.

Even being a popular actor and starring in the movie Forbidden Zone(1980) and appeared in Airplane II; The Sequel (1982) and episodes of Different Strokes and Taxi. He also played the role in the Rumpelstiltskin episode of Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre. His final appearance was a cameo as himself in the episode of The Ben Stiller Show.

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He Started Getting Greedy

Herve Villechaize
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After the growth in his popularity, he seemed to have changed his behavior. He started to ask for more money and started behaving quite rudely. It becomes more intolerable and difficult on the set of Fantasy Island. He earned around $4000 per episode in 1980 which later went up to $25000 which was still not enough for him.

Herve was not happy with his salary and started to demand quite a hefty amount which was quite a lot for the producer. Later the producer even gave him more time off by writing him out of many episodes.

Despite having such good acting skills his behavior towards his co-star and producer was not bearable. He began to be difficult on Fantasy Island where he got fired and replaced by Christopher Hewett.

Hervé Villechaize Was Accused of Being a Sex Addict

he had a two-year relationship with actress Susan Tyrell and later moved in with her in Los Angeles. He was allegedly blamed for being a sex maniac. The Man with the Golden Gun co-star Sir Roger Moore was dismayed because of his sexual proclivity.

Moore said many decades later at a live event: “He was a very small man and he used to touch me and I used to say, ‘Don’t touch me. You are diseased.'” Moore followed up by adding, “I wasn’t being cruel about his size; it was just that he was a sex maniac. He had a lust for ladies, unnatural.”

He was married twice which may wonder everyone. He was first married to Anne Sadowski for eight years and got divorced in 1978. Later met their second wife Camiller Hogen an actress and stand in double on the set of the pilot for Fantasy Island.

They lived together on the ranch in San Francisco which also was home to a menagerie of farm animals and pets. But even they got divorced in 1982 and he was with his girlfriend Kathy Self during the time of his last breath.

He was suicide-prone and still shared a thought about loving his life. But whatever he said made no sense as he ended his life in quite a tragic way.

He Was Suicide-Prone

In the early morning of September 4, he was found dead at his North Hollywood home. It is believed that he first fired a shot through a sliding glass patio door to awaken his longtime girlfriend Kathy Self before shooting himself. He was pronounced dead at the Medical Center of North Hollywood and later his ashes were scattered into the Pacific Ocean off Point Fermin in San Pedro Los Angele.

He left a suicide note saying he was despondent over longtime health problems. Suffering through chronic pain due to oversized internal organs increased the pressure on his body. According to Self he often slept in a kneeling position so he could breathe more easily. He also left an audio recording of the suicide that included his last words.

During his interview in 1983 on The Teen Show, he included a message directed at depressed and suicide-prone teenagers about his experience of many suicide attempts. He states that he has learned a lesson over his life even though the pain was severe and intense.

At the time of his death, Cartoon Network was in negotiations for him to co-star which was in pre-production at the time. He would have voiced Space Ghost’s sidekick on the show.

Hervé Villechaize Net worth

He came from a very well-to-do family and had a great childhood. Later in his career, he had ups and down and had to face an economic clash down, and had to live in the garage. But he went on to earn both name and fame during the peak time of his career. He was around $500,000 and his money was later donated to charity.

Despite having enjoyed a great name and fame because of his genetic condition he wanted to take his life a long time ago. However, the dwarf once made a good name in the entertainment industry and had quite a sad ending in his life.

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