Who is Jacquelyn Newell? All Facts About Debra Newell’s Daughter

Jacquelyn Newell is the daughter of Debra Newell, the woman who married the late con artist John Meehan of the Dirty John.

We all are aware of how violent are abusive relationships and what imprints they do leave on one’s soul and life after ever.

In the era of modernization, there are lots of dating apps and websites. These virtual profiles make it much easier for scammers, abusers, and con artists to accomplish their goals by masking themselves.

However, in a relationship, mostly, honesty is important. Every person in a relationship deserves to know about his or her partner, don’t they?

Well, we are here talking about a similar case, where, due to such a relationship a family hardly survives.

So, let’s know further about Jacquelyn Newell. We are going to talk about her family, past events, personal life, and many more down below:

Who is Jacquelyn Newell?

Jacquelyn Newell is the eldest daughter of Debra Newell. She grew up in Orange County, California. She grew up together with her siblings. 

Jacquelyn’s mother Debra and her biological father separated in the late 1990s. In the same way, she has three sisters Terra, Kim, and Nicole. Kim and Nicole, according to the reports, are her half-sisters. She also appears to have a half-brother.

Her exact birth date is not clearly known. Jacquelyn was somewhat like 24 when John Meehan entered her family’s lives in 2014. So, we can assume her to be in her early thirties right now.

She is mostly recognized through her mother Debra Newell. Her parents split up when she was a child. She mostly grew up in the shade of her mother.

Her father’s identity is still unknown. However, resources claim that he is in his 70s right now.

We all know Jacquelyn is mostly known for the Newell family tragedy which ended with a death case.

Details of the Tragic Incident

The Newell family’s tragedy had come to end with John losing his life. John was attempting to kidnap Debra’s youngest daughter, Terra. Various national news, media narratives, and cinematic adaptations covered this violent incident. 

Jacquelyn Newell's mother
Source: Cosmopolitan

The news about it made everyone left speechless with terror. Similarly, left a bitter mark on Jacquelyn, Terra, and Debra’s life respectively.

To recollect own self and to move from such a terrifying incident is pretty hard for everyone. But, the mother and daughters have comparatively braced themselves toughly from the situation. They all are doing well in their individual lives at the moment.

Why Does Jacquelyn Newell Remain Quiet?

The oldest daughter of Debra Newell, Jacquelyn always wants to spot out from the limelight. Her character is therefore portrayed as Veronica Newell in the casting of Joh Newell. The character is played by Juno temple in the miniseries named Dirty John.

She is also not active on social media. She maintains he personal life very securely. Perhaps this is why the filmmakers switched her name to Veronica to respect her personal space.

Obviously, she would wish to isolate herself from everything after experiencing what she has.

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How Did John Meehan Enter Their Lives?

Debra Newell is a successful entrepreneur and actress from Orange County, California. Similarly, as a perfect lady, she decided to marry, but things did not go as planned. John Meehan and Debra Newell met in 2014. After two months, the couple married.

After Debra and John announced their marriage, it shocked everyone around them as well as Newell’s daughters, Jacquelyn and Terra. While Terra is content to be in the public eye in the aftermath of Meehan’s death, with an open Instagram account and website.

She was a well-paid vocalist for John, but she also received considerable attention and became the most reclusive artist of all time. Before joining Netflix, she was well-known for her work as an interior designer.

The Incident Has Been Devastating For Newells

After the wedding, John and Debra moved in with children Terra and Jacquelyn. But, from day one the girls were suspicious of their new stepfather.

They decided to hire a private investigator to learn more about him. The investigator disclosed all the facts about John in front of Debra. John lied about him from the very first day. He even lied about his profession portraying himself as a medical doctor in front of Debra. Despite knowing all the facts, Debra still chose to continue the marriage.

But with each passing day, John started to become more suspicious and violent. He never talked about his friends and close relatives in front of his wife and disliked the daughters.

Following the spectacular aggressive events, Debra filled the divorce case in March 2016. In August of 2016, John assaulted Terra with a knife in a parking lot. 

Terra Newell, Jacquelyn Newell sister
Source: Latest Celeb

Terra grabbed the knife and stabbed him in self-defense and stabbed him at the moment. As a result, John Meehan died the next day in the hospital.

This particular incident and past circumstances affected her badly. She is now recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

About the Series Dirty Jhon

Dirty Jhon is a massively famous audio series that covers the horrifying and violent life of con man and psychopath John Meehan. Christopher Goffard’s podcast has now been made into a TV series, which premiered on Netflix on February 14th. The eight-part series begins with Eric Bana in the role of Jhon and Connie Britton in the role of Debra.

Jacquelyn’s name is modified as Veronica while others are the same. Debra and Terra are seen in the premieres of the series but Jacquelyn is nowhere in the part. She opted out of all the functions and events related to the series.

Jacquelyn Newell Wants to Be Away from Media

She always prefers to be anonymous and not expressive about her life. In addition, the real crime story also inspired a successful podcast series and a Netflix miniseries named Dirty John.

Since then, the incident of John and the Newell family has spread all across the news headlines and gained national attention. Jacquelyn talked with Christopher Goffard for the very first Dirty John podcast and article, but she did not want any images of her to be published.

John Meehan
Source: TV Insider

According to the reports, Jacquelyn was the most vocal and straightforward among her family members. However, she has remained silent and has been living a very secretive life since the incident about her family became a national topic. 

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Jacquelyn Newell is the CEO of a Furniture Company

Jacquelyn Newell is the CEO of Ambrosia Home, a designer and custom-made furniture company situated in Las Vegas and California. The company is the inheritance from her mother Debra. She has walked in her mother’s footsteps as a professional.

Jacquelyn Newell Net Worth

On the surface, Jacquelyn is well off in terms of wealth. She comes from a rich family and her mother is a famous and wealthy actress and interior designer.

Jacquelyn, on the other hand, she herself is creating her image as an interior designer like her mother and earning pretty good. Her personal life is secret and is out of the public eye. Therefore, facts like her Net worth and Annual income are unclear for now. But we can regard her as wealthy due to her family background and with regard to her company correspondingly.

So, this is all about Jacquelyn Newell, the well-known figure from Dirty John Series.

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