Who is Janna Levin? Know Her Children, Husband, Net Worth and Other Details

A genius mind in cosmology and physics, Janna Levin has shook the world with her research and findings. Levin is an American theoritical cosmologist and author. Well, she is also the Claire Tow Professor of physics and astronomy at Barnard College of Columbia University. Asserting that science belongs to all of us, Levin has motivated everyone to fall in love with science.

In addition, Janna is also founding director of the Science Studios at Pioneer Works. With her exceptional discovery in the field of sciencce, she has already caught eyes of many science freaks and science minds. She is the only scholar recognized by NETSA in Ruskin School of fine art and Drawing at Oxford.

A god-gifted author, Levin is most notable for A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines. To be very precise, she has also won an award named guggenheim Fellow in the year 2012.

Who Is Janna Levin?

Janna Levin is a cosmologist whose work mostly deals with looking and researching for evidence to hold up the fact that our universe might be finite in size. In fact, she supports the theory of nontrivial topology which makes her research more interesting.

Other than that, Levin is much appreciated for her commendable work in understanding of black holes, the cosomology of extra dimensions, gravitational waves in the shape of spacetime and chaos theory.

Not just in research and findings, Janna Levin also loves sharing her knowledge to her student. Indeed, she is a physics and astronomy professor at Barnard College of Columbia Univeristy.

She is also the presenter of the NOVA which features Black Hole Apocalypse. Most importantly, she is the first female presenter for NOVA in 35 years. You can also watch the show as the show airs on PBS.

Jann Levin Educational Background

Janna Levin is one of the brightest minds in the world of cosmology. All her genius and agile mind is the work of her hard work, determination and uphill battle. Due to a dreadful car accident, she could not graduate from high school officially. Nevertheless, she attended Barnard College of Columbia University for her degree. In 1988, she achieved a Bachelor of Science in astronomy and physics degree. Succeedingly, she earned a Ph.D. in theoretical physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1993.

A Guggenheim Fellow, Levin has also contributed writing essays to partner exhibitions at numerous galleries in England. Her contribution also includes the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art and the Hayward Gallery.

Janna Levin Has Published Several Books

Janna Levin is a renowned author who has already published remarkable books. She has already published several books including How the Universe Got Its Spots, A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines. Recently, she has published her latest book named Black Holes Blues and Other Songs from Outer Space.

In this book, she clears everything about the black hole. Perhaps, she potrays the black hole book as the most opaque theoretical construct ever imagined. Additionally, she divulges every facts regarding the black holes how they influence the universe, sculpt galaxies and the life we inhabit.

She described the subject matter in most accessible writing style, both entertaining and poetic. Well, many readers widely praised her for this book. The Boston Globe praised her saying, “Not only is Levin a brilliant physicist, she’s a gifted writer, sensitive to language and its nuances. . .[She is] an extravagant storyteller with a vivid imagination and an acute intellect.

Through her writing, the astrophysicist mainly enthralled on making her research and studies more comprehensible and intriguing. Not only that, she lefts her readers to believe is that science is much more important than they think. Warm and smart prose… readers are actually fascinated how she has interpreted her findings.

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Janna Levin Is Married To a Musician

The 55-year-old cosmologist is married to a musician named Warren Malone. Her husband is a musician and songwriter. he is associated with bluegrass band who is madly in love with playing madolin and guitar.

Well, Warren is a native of Manchester England. Just like Levin, Malone is also an successful personality but his field is different.

His songs has blowed minds up many people across the globe. Throughout his glimmering carrer, he has given many hits like Whole Life Blues, Fear The Darkness, Chicekn Man and so on.

When it comes to knowing each other, the couple first met at a coffe shop in San Francisco where Malone lived for more than five years. Exploring more about her personal life, she seems very less vocal towards her personal life.

We’re still to figure out much more information about Levin’s husband, but his details are still out of sight. Also, we don’t have any information about how and when actually the couple tied nuptials knot or venue of the wedding.

Shockingly, there’s a rumors calling her husband is already dead. Few sources has revealed that her husband is no more with us. But, there is no actual information cleared out to prove his death thus far, thus it might be safe to say that his death rumors are just hoax.

Janna Levin Is Parents Of Two

Levin is a proud parent of two children. She has a son named Gibson and a daughter named Stella. Her son Gibson was born in the year 2004 and her daughter was born in 2007.

However, we can not prevail any information about their children’s educational background or how are they doing right now.

Janna Levin Net Worth

As of 2022, the astrophysicist Janna Levin has a net worth of around $6 million. With her whole life dedicated in the field of science, she has earned a hefty sum of money through her researches, findings, theories and understandings.

We are pretty much aware how much des a scientific research worth. So, without a doubt, she has amassed considerable money to her account. We can not neglect the fact that she is one of the most popular author when it comes to cosmology.

Her books has definitely rocketed in the sky which also makes a sturdy fortune. Despite making huge money, she doesn’t like to be outspoken showing her wealth and assets in the public domain.

Follow Her On Social Media

The Astrophysicist Janna Levin is immensely active on social media platforms. We can find widely followed Twitter handle under the username @JannaLevin. Sofar now, she has hoarded over 41.6K followers on her verified Twitter account. She has joined Twitter in March 2013. And, she has 6.4K tweets as of now.

Along with Twitter, Levin is also active on Instagram. On her Instagram, she has 14.6K followers which is comparativey lower than her Twitter handle. Additionally, she has 890 posts and 362 followings.

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