Everything You Need to Know About Joey Kisluk

You all may know the name Joey Kisluk who is a TikTok star who has gained a lot of success for his impressive content. Fans know him for him lip-sync videos which are really entertaining. Over a million people follow him on his social media account.

Though we all have known him for his lip sync videos he is also quite famous for his love life. He has always been the highlight of his relationships. Let’s get to know much more about him and his girlfriend.

Who is Joey Kisluk?

Joey is a social media personality who is known for his fantastic content which he posts via his TikTok account. His videos are very entertaining. The TikTok star was born on January 6, 2000, in Connecticut, United States of America. Though his real name is Joey Kisluk he is famous for his social media name @whynot_joey.

20 years old TikTok star stands 5 feet 11 inches tall in height whereas he weighs 74 kgs. He is very dashing and looks even more handsome with his curly brown hair. Even though he was born in Connecticut, he currently resides in Orlando Florida as per his Instagram profile.

Despite being a famous personality, he has not provided detailed info about his parents and family with his fans. However, he has posted a few photos of his family members photos via his Instagram. From an early age, he was enthusiastic about music and singing.

He Has Dated Quite a Few Girls

Since June 2020 Kisluk has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Paige Elissa. He is very open about his relationship with Paige. The content creator has posted a lot of photos with his girlfriend Paige on his Instagram. His fans always drool over his and Paige’s photos which are very cute.

Joey Kissing his girlfriend
Source: Instagram

Although he is currently dating Paige he was previously in a relationship with Layla Atiles and Loren Gray. Layla and Loren are also quite popular social media stars. The reason behind their break-ups is still to be unfolded.

Similarly in our loved TikTok star was dating fellow social media personality, Loren Beech. But later they parted their ways because they didn’t have time for one another. Likewise in 2018, he was dating a girl named Ariella Matarazzo. Fans are still unknown about why he and Ariella ended their relationship.

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He Started His Career In 2015

The social media personality started his career in 2015. He started his career when Tiktok was still called musically. Since 2015 he has created a massive amount of interesting and fascinating content which has garnered him a huge number of fans and followers. According to some online sources he has also an interest in singing and music apart from creating content.

On his social media, numerous people know him as Whynot_Joey. In his initial days, he created varieties of content and gained followers and fans gradually. Kisluk has also been associated with different female personalities from the music industry.

Social Media

He is active on all of the mainstream social media. On his Instagram, he is watched by 422 thousand people. As of now, he is not found on Tiktok.

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