Who is Jon Bellion’s Wife? Is He Married?

There have been numerous rumors about Jon Bellion being married. It was even tougher to confirm the truth as all those rumors started from a deleted tweet. But then the singer released a numbing yet beautiful track ‘Conversations With My Wife.’ The public finally had confirmation. However, recently, we came to know that the theory was only half true. The song was not totally about his wife, but something else. 

Who is Jon Bellion?

Jon Bellion is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He was born on December 26, 1990, in Lake Grove, New York on Long Island. He is renowned for his song “All Time Low,”. At present, he works with Visionary Music Group[5] and Capitol Records. 

Rumor of Bellion’s Wife Originated from a Deleted Tweet

Jon's reply on Twitter

In October 2018, a Twitter handle by the username @emilyhburgett tweeted that the singer had been married from the beginning of 2018. According to the account, the information was from a close friend of Bellion. 

Although most people didn’t think much of the tweet, it took an interesting turn when Bellion replied on October 17, 2018. He replied, “Congrats you’ve solved the mystery 😂now let’s enjoy the music”.  Although it wasn’t confirmed if the response was an honest answer or a sarcastic response due to the laughing emoji, the public went wild over it. 

Then, just after a couple of days, the singer uploaded the track ‘Conversations With My Wife, on his Youtube Channel. Many prominent sources also confirmed the truth of the rumors. 

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Turns Out Jon Bellion Is Married, but the Speculations Were Wrong

Jon Bellion with a girl
Source: Pinterest

With the song, speculations were bound to come. Even the song’s lyrics seem to be questioning his spouse’s commitment towards him. 

“Will you love me when my phone turns off?

I don’t want to be some digital Jesus

No more followers, we’ll both get lost

When it’s me and you inside real life”

The song sounds as if asking his wife if she would have the same feelings even if he wasn’t rich and famous. However, in an interview, the singer confessed that the song was actually talking to his fans and followers on social media. 

Later, he indirectly confirmed that he was married. He also illustrated that his wife played a vital role in his life. 

“Honestly, I just came to the conclusion after having a conversation with my wife and with people around me, that I have to do what’s going to keep me mentally sane, and whatever comes from that, it is what it is.”

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