Who is Justin Hakuta? Did He Cheat on His Ex-Wife, Ali Wong

You may have spotted the name, Justin Hakuta during the famous Netflix stand-up show Baby Cobra. The entrepreneur was blamed to have been cheated on his ex-wife, comedian Ali Wong. He is not only a celebrity husband but he has also made quite a name for himself.

Justin Hakuta is a reputed name because he belongs to the family of entrepreneur and businessman, Ken Hakuta aka Dr. Fadd. From going to the most reputed Harvard school and graduating in law he is quite a big shot. But now he is making name for himself in quite a wrong way.

His eight years of happy conjugal life are shattered. Hang in there and find out more about this.

Who is Justin Hakuta?

Justin Hakuta was born on 18th October 1981 in Los Angeles, California. He is 41 years old as of now. He shares Libra as his zodiac sign. While he was born in the USA he belongs to Filipino, Korean and Japanese ethnicity.

He was raised in a well-to-do family so he has an impressive educational background. He went to Carnegie Mellon University for his bachelor’s degree in B.S. design science and in Spanish. Later he went to Harvard to get his master’s degree in business administration just like his father 2011.

His Parents

Justin was born to a prominent family. His father’s name is Mr. Ken Hatuka and his mother’s name is Marilou Cantilier. Ken Hatuka is quite a popular name in the entertainment and business industry. Meanwhile, his mother was a banker at the World Bank. Ken Hatuka’s family history involves quite an influential name.

His Siblings

The 41-year-old entrepreneur has two siblings. Justin is the eldest one. His other siblings are Ako and Kenzi. He has a good bond with his siblings. However, they have chosen to remain hidden from the eyes of the media. His brother even was the best man in his wedding ceremony back in 2015.

His Father is a Renowned Entrepreneur

People may assume that he may be famous for his married life. You are wrong, he is one of the children of Japanese businessman Ken Hakuta. Ken is the son of the Korean businessman Paig-Nag Seuk who had a textile company.

Later Ken worked at the world bank for a while. He went on to import and promote Wacky Wall Walker one of the best toy selling in the 80s. This made him a hefty amount of money. He also used to appear in the TV show Dr. Fad Show. He also launched a website called AllHerb.com which focuses on providing complete herbal solutions.

His wealth and fame have never changed his behavior. Even Justin has followed in his family’s footsteps and made a name in the field of business.

Justin Hakuta is Following in His Father’s Footsteps

He started to make a path in the field of marketing at an early age. In 2004, he worked as a sales marketing associate with Honest Tea for four months. He then went on to establish All Day Buffet which assembled a team to launch national fundraising events.

He became a research analyst for the center for court innovation from 2004 to 2006. Furthermore, he worked as a marketing intern for the seventh generation. for a month. He went on to be a cofounder and product lead of Avacara for four years.

In the meantime, he also went to join the Digital Innovation Lab as a product strategist from 2013 to 2015. Furthermore, he worked in Cargomatic Inc as a senior manager for eight months. In recent times, he is working as vice president for GoodRx. This business is focused on making medicines much more affordable.

His business profile has highlighted his skills and knowledge, He was also a young alumnus of Harvard Business School. In addition, his siblings are also very successful people.

Justin Hakuta and his family
Source: Panda Gossip

Justin Hakuta was Married to Ali wong For Eight Years

Justin and Ali met back in 2010 at the wedding of their mutual friend. At the time, he had just graduated from Harvard. According to Ali, she was quite nervous to be around him at first. They started as friends but soon started dating.

They dated for three years before Justin popped the question to the comedian. Then, the couple walked down the aisle in 2014.

The couple also has two beautiful daughters; Mari Hakuta and Nikki Hakuta. Mari was born in 2015 and Nikki was born in 2017. Ali has also been open about her previous miscarriage of their twins. The couple was strong during the hard times and their love overgrown ever since. But there was a lot of hard situations yet to come in their life which ultimately lead to their divorce.

Justin Hakuta and his ex-wife
Source: Instagram @jhakuta

Did Justin Hakuta Cheat on Ali Wong?

Everything was going smoothly in their life. Having such a great sense of humor, this may not be a surprise that Ali wong often made fun of the difference in her married life. She has made several jokes about her married life in her Netflix stand-up routines like Baby Cobra and Don Wong.

She even joked about the prenup agreement the Hakuta family made her sign before she married Justin in the Hard Knock wife in 2019.

This really motivated her to make more money and wanted to prove that she was an independent woman. Ali and her husband though have always shared a great bond until the scandal started.

 “My father always praised ‘the gift of fear,’ and that prenup scared the s–t out of me. In the end, being forced to sign that prenup was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me and my career.”

There was not a hint that what was about to come would make everyone shocked. Justin was allegedly cheating on his wife. Although the couple hasn’t confirmed the rumor, the couple did not walk together on the red carpet back in 2019. The couple later went on to delete their pictures from social media and Ali went on to joke about being cheated on during the mid crisis of her life.

This led Ali’s fans to confirm their speculation. Finally, they divorces in July 2022. However, the couple has yet to release any official statement about the reason. This might probably be for the sake of their daughters.

Now the couple co-parents their daughter, but are no longer together.

Source: People’s Magazine

Justin Hakuta Net Worth

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Justin has always had an entrepreneurial mind. He has worked for several renowned companies. Moreover, he also has several businesses himself.

Even his divorce did not cost him a dime because of the prenup agreement. As of 2022, Justin Hakuta has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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