Who is Justin Whang? Know His Age, Height, Career and More

Justin Whang is a YouTuber, notable for his Tales From the Internet series. Throughout the series, he covers different abnormal events and mysteries from the history of the internet. Apart from it, he often streams playing guitar on his YouTube channel. To date, he has millions of followers all over the media platforms.

How Old Is Justin Whang?

Justin Whang was born in 1984 in New York, United State of America. He celebrates his birthday on the 29th of December every year with his beloved family members and friends. As of now, his actual age is 37 years old.

He holds an American passport, whereas he is of Korean descent. Likewise, his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Justin Whang speaking on a mic
Source: Instagram

His Parents

He was born and grew up in a middle-class family in the US. As per different sources, his parents were immigrants. Despite being a social media personality, he has not disclosed his parent’s and siblings’ data.

His Education

Justin hasn’t revealed much information about his initial days. Likewise, he also hasn’t revealed where he completed his high school education from.

However, he has revealed that he graduated from Queens College. Additionally, he has also graduated from Bovine University.

Justin Whang Joined Youtube in 2016

The 37-year-old Youtuber first joined Youtube in May of 2016. However, he only started getting famous after one of his video series, Tales from the Internet went viral and got thousands of views.

Whang reached 1 million subscribers millstone on the 21st of February, 2022. As of now, he has 1.05 million subscribers on his channel, Whang! Apart from it, he also has other channels named Let’s Play With Whang, Jynx, Whang Uncut, and Whang Guitar Cover Video Archive.

In addition, he has also collaborated with Internet Historians as well as voices characters in his documentaries. Moreover, he used to stream on his Twitch account. However, at the moment he is not actively involved in this platform. The streamer has successfully gathered 32.2k followers on his Twitch account.

He used to post his guitar-playing videos and his gameplay such as Scooby Doo vs Detective Canan and Walking in the Spiderwebs.

Justin Whang playing guitar
Source: Instagram

Short Description of Tales from the Internet

Tales from the Internet explains Tales that exist on the internet. The Youtuber does extensive research on those tales. He also made videos about the history of the internet.

Basically, the series is about his research and investigation of conspiracy theories from web browsers. Such as Saki Sonobashi, a supposed Lost Anime, and different and strange YouTube videos that nobody understood its origins. During the part of the series, he also did an investigation on rumors such as the ones behind Sailor Moon’s creation.

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Does Justin Whang Have a Girlfriend?

We don’t think he has a girlfriend at the moment. As neither he has admitted nor any media personnel has ever linked his name with others. So, in 2022, he might be single and focusing his entire time building his Youtube career.

Justin Whang Net Worth

As of 2022, Justin Whang has an estimated net worth of $60,000. He has solely gathered his assets from the followers he has gained on different social media. Most of his income comes from his youtube videos.

In his Ig bio, he has mentioned that he is partnered with Meta PCs. Meta PCs gaming PC sellers that offers lifetime service guarantee. Being a partner, he has made certain earnings from this.

Besides we got to know that he loves Slipknot, an American hard rock, nu metal, alternative metal, heavy metal, and groove metal band. He also does love to play guitar and ofter could be seen swimming in summer.

Justin Whang swiming
Source: Instagram

Justin Whang Offers Several Types of Membership on Youtube

Going through his Youtube channel, we found out that one could get access to some of his premium videos through membership. The membership’s basic price starts from $1 per month for a weekly audio rant. The next level is $5 per month which includes weekly audio rant as well as early access to my work.

Similarly, for $10 subscribers could get weekly audio, early access, and shout-out also. There also exist $20 per month, where you get an exclusive stream (retired).

Furthermore, he does have his Patreon in which he has a total of 121 Patrons that have generated a total of $342 per month. After being a patron, you could get access to his 429 exclusive posts that include 1 poll, 200 videos, 23 links, 8 writings, and 197 audio releases.

Justin Whang Also Sells Several Merch

The Youtuber also offers merch to the public. He sells Premium Tank Top at $25.99. He also sells leggings for around $44.99. Besides, he sells most of his products from $5 to $50, going through it.

You could find different products such as Women’s Flowy Tank Top, Classic Long Sleeve Tee, Leggings, Socks, Hoodie, Sticker, and many more.

Body Measurement

Justin has a height of 168 cm i.e equal to 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Meanwhile, his body weight seems to be around 54 Kg. Besides, it is reported that he has a lean body build with small biceps.

His Instagram

At the moment, he has around 89.8k followers with 5,191 posts on his Instagram handle. Besides, he runs the account under the username of @justinwhangyt. The Youtuber has pinned three posts on his Ig handle. Among which, in one of the pictures he could be seen with him on his Premium Tank Top. Basically, it possessed an attractive pic carved on the Top.

Justin Whang promoting his merch
Source: Instagram

On the other hand, recently, he could be seen wearing a t-shit. The wear looks cool on his tattooed hand along with nice glasses. He has posted posts wearing a variety of glasses, so we could say he loves his collection of them and does often. In every post, he does wear his merch product. Not just in pictures, he also wears them when he streams.

Likewise, on the 15th of July, he posted a pic wearing a long, black and comfy dress, hand band along with black and white shoes. Besides, he seemed quite attractive in that dress. Taking a peek at his Instagram, we found out that he often does giveaways to his fans and followers. Just 6 days ago on the 5th of August, he announced to follow and comment to @YouTuuz to win one of his new youtooz.

Other Social Media Handles

Apart from Instagram, the streamer could be found on different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. Besides, more than 277k people have followed his official Twitter handle. He has followed 7,158 accounts since he joined the platform in the June of 2009.

Likewise, he possessed 54k followers on his Facebook account. Likewise, he has successfully gathered 32.2k followers on his Twitch account.

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