Who is Manny MUA? All About Him

Manny MUA is a makeup artist best known as the founder of Lunar Beauty.

Art does not require criteria for any particular gender, person, place, or thing. It is purely a natural ability that is not bounded by any limitations and situations.

There is a quote that states, There is no must in art because art is free. But not everyone has such an ability. To acquire the freedom of expressing every kind of beauty and emotion through artistic flows and patterns. Doing that is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Makeup is generally a form of art. Enhancing and presenting the beauty of the soul through one’s face is a tough task. It purely requires an artistic hand as well as a very creative mind.

Today, here we are going to talk about an artist who is very very much popular and many people love him for his works. To date, being a pioneer in changing perceptions of people towards the beauty and makeup sector, he is doing an amazing job and is inspiring a large mass of audience. So, get set to know about Manny MUA.

Here we will cover every aspect including personal facts, Professional life, career remarks, hardships, rejections, income, net worth, and many more regarding Manual Gutierrez aka Manny down below:

Let’s get started then.

Who is Manny MUA?

Manny is the founder and product developer of the cosmetic brand Lunar Beauty. He is a renowned YouTuber and entrepreneur.

He is a trendsetter in the makeup industry, a makeup specialist, and a pioneer in erasing gender boundaries in cosmetics. The 31-year-old makeup artist became a hugely popular makeup influencer thanks to his wonderfully relatable YouTube videos, and he made history by being the first man to represent Maybelline.

Manny is one of two YouTubers who Maybelline announced as brand ambassadors in 2017. After fellow YouTuber James Charles, who had previously been introduced as a representative for CoverGirl, he is the second man to be picked as a spokesperson for a cosmetic company.

In the category of Arts and Style, he was included in Forbes’ yearly list of “30 under 30” in 2018.

Manny MUA with his mother
Source: Instagram @mannymus733

How Old is Manny MUA?

Manny was born on April 4, 1991, in San Diego California. As of 2022, he is 31 years old. His real name is Manual Gutierrez. He hails from Mexican ancestry.

Gutierrez has two younger brothers and was raised in a Mormon family.

Manny MUA was Inspired to be a Makeup Artist by His Mother

Manny observed his mother applying makeup as a child, which sparked his initial fascination with it.

He wanted to go to medical school with the goal of becoming a plastic surgeon before deciding on a career in beauty. However, his fondness and passion for makeup led him to give up Medical School to pursue his career as a makeup artist.

He created his YouTube channel in 2014, where he frequently publishes how-to and review videos for makeup.

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Manny MUA’s Journey as a Makeup Artist

He aspired and wanted to be a plastic surgeon in his early days. However, Manny has now created an outstanding, highly valuable beauty business and is flourishing through it.

MUA was refining his makeup abilities by working at MAC and Sephora before he was one of the original beauty boys of YouTube. He has built his own makeup brand while also securing collaborations with well-known brands thanks to the support of his devoted fan base.

In the same way, he also has worked in the filmography sector. He worked in the role of record producer for the American reality television series “Escape the Night” in the year 2018.

Manny Mua
Source: [email protected]

Is Manny MUA Dating Anyone?

Although Manny is very open to the audience about his works and experiences, he somewhat likes to keep his personal opinions to himself and his close friends only. He does not like to share totally everything about himself online.

He likes to share some of his dating experiences with his fans. There are some hints about his dating life which generally appear in the public eye through rumors but Manny has not accepted such rumors yet.

Manny has once presented his ex-girlfriend in one of his youtube videos where he does her makeover. Her name is Kathryn. They both have no ills for each other and possess a healthy friendship right now.

He wants a real relationship and has expressed his views that he totally dislikes people cheating in relationships. In contrast, we can observe Manny is a serious person in terms of dating.

Is Manny MUA and James Charles Dating

Despite having his fair share of rumors, controversies, and troubles, Manny has never given up and is still working continuously. 

Manny was once rumored to be dating James Charles who is also a fellow makeup artist. Despite the rumors to the contrary, Manny coming clean about the relationship clarifies that he and James are just friends and not anything other than that.

There is a great friendship bond between these two talented beauty influencers.

There are a lot of controversies and dramatic rumors about Manny. Starting from disputes with many fellow YouTubers to being in highlight for disagreements and break up with friends, he never fails to spot out from the audience’s eyes. He is genuinely open and cheerful. People mostly love him for his open personality and informative videos with his hilarious talking style.

He has faced many rejections and cancellations throughout his career but manny is optimistic about it. Manny says Life does not only needs to revolve around work. Outside of work, there is a life too, there is another world too.

Manny MUA posing as a drag queen
Source: Instagram @mannymua733

Manny MUA Net Worth

So, you might be wondering: How much fortune is Manny Mua worth? How much money does Manny Mua make? 

Although Manny is the only one who can say for sure, we can make some fantastic guesses using data from the sources. Here is all the information you require regarding MUA’s wealth which is mostly acquired from his career and his artistic makeup works.

According to the reports from sources, Manny is worth more than $400k. This is based on an assumption about how much could he make through his works. It could be more than that too when we add his additional resources of income.

Although the makeup artist himself has not disclosed this information very clearly so his precise net worth is still unknown.

His annual revenue and income per work are still unclear. However, we can regard him as wealthy along with having a successful career as a makeup artist and influencer.

Popularity and Influence:

He has huge popularity and an admirable social media presence on platforms like Youtube and Instagram. Since starting his YouTube channel in July 2014, Manny has acquired around 4.86 million subscribers at the present moment.

Manny gives his admirers access to his life and friendships, offers cosmetic techniques and critiques, and comments on well-known events like the iconic Met Gala. 

Manny has been able to develop a brand that other businesses desire to partner with throughout his five years in the makeup industry. Partnerships with businesses like Makeup Geek, OFRA Cosmetics, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics have been a part of Manny’s collaborations.

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