Who is Marilou Cantiller? All About Ken Hakuta’s Wife

Marilou Cantiller is the wife of famous TV personality and inventor Ken Hakuta. She is also renowned for her career in banking. Well, she has three exceptional children who have made a significant contribution to their field. She is also known as the mother of Justin Hakuota.

You may think being in the shadow of her famous children and husband. But she is really private about her life and always prefers to protect her privacy. You may want to know what has been going on in her life since her son got married to an amazing comedian and actress. Without any delay let us find out more about the celebrity wife Marilou Cantiller.

Who is Marilou Cantiller?

Marilou Cantiller was born in the Philippines. She is a tall beautiful woman with a height of around 5 ft 6 inches and a slender body type. In addition to being a celebrity wife and mother, she has made her name in the field of banking.

Meanwhile, let us find out about her husband Ken Hatuka with whom she has four decades of conjugal life.

Who is Marilou Cantiler’s Husband Ken Hatuka?

Marilou’s husband Ken is quite a known name in the entertainment industry. He is best known as Dr. Fad since 1983. He was born in 1953 in Japan. However, his family had moved from Korea. Ken’s south Korean name is Park Kun. His father was the CEO of a textile company so we can assume he got his business tactics from his father in heredity.

Meanwhile, he had imported and merchandised Wacky Wall Walker one of the best-selling toys back in the 80s. The millennial kids can remember the toy figure which we get in the Kellog’s Cereal box. He is also the founder of AllHerb.com which deals with herbal remedy products and information regarding it. His business case studies have also been featured in Harvard business school which is quite a respectful thing. In his starting career, he was also working in the world bank where he crossed paths with his future wife Marilou Cantiller.

Marilou Cantiller husband
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Having a great business mind he has also proven his acting skills in the invention show The Dr. Fad Show which aired from 1988 to 1994. This show promoted creativity and inventiveness in children answering their curiosity. He was the organizer of the Fad Fairs convention of inventors with fun and wacky ideas.

He was also featured in numerous media outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Forbes. Not only media outlets but he has also been featured in various radio shows across the country.

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Marilou Cantiller Has Been Married to Ken Hakuta For Over Four Decades

Ken and Marilou are a celebrity couple who have enjoyed their conjugal life for over four decades. They both met in their workplace and dated for around a year.

Later on, they tied the knot in 1977. Since then they have been heel over in love. Marilou has been a great supporter of her husband in his every decision. They both went on to have three beautiful children Justin, Kenzo, and Aki. The success of their married life is the way they are always there for each other.

There is not much information about her children. However, her eldest child Justin is quite a name in the entertainment industry. He also married actress Ali Wong which has also made a headline.

Her Son is a Famous Entrepreneur

The 40-year-old Justin Hakuta is the vice president of Products at Good Rx who has also been involved in the field of entrepreneurship just like his father and grandfather. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Decision Science from Carnegie Mellon University and later obtained his master’s degree in business administration from Harvard. 

Marilou Cantiller's son and ex-wife
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Asides from his current position at GoodRx he was also a Senior product manager at Cargomatic and a Product Strategist/ UX Lead at DIRECTTV.

He is married to exceptional comedian and actress Ali Wong for about eight years and shares three beautiful children. However, they have been facing problems in their paradise and now they are getting a divorce.

Her Son was Married to a Comedian

Ali Wong does not need an introduction because of her comic times and amazing acting skills. She is best known for her stand-up specials Hard Knock Wife and Baby Cobra are one of them. She has appeared on The Tonight Show, John Oliver’s New York Stand-up show.

Marilou Cantiller's son and ex-wife
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Later on, she went on to become a part of the NBC comedy series Are You There Chelsea ? and appeared on Chelsea Lately. After that, she was VH1’s Best Week Ever and MTV’s Hey Girl in 2013. Meanwhile, she landed a role in the medical drama series Black Box, opposite Kelly Relly and Vanessa Redgrave. She has also appeared as a guest in several episodes of Inside Amy Schumer.

She is also a producer, writer, and voice artist. Her work is quite visible even in the state of her pregnancy. In the recent show, she performed she allegedly blamed her now ex-husband Justin for cheating which made quite a headline.

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Justin Hakuta and Justin Wong Separated After 8 Years of Marriage

Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta got married back in 2014. They have shared three beautiful children. They were going strong together as a couple. But their paradise came crumbling when Ali suspected Justin of cheating on her.

The couple met back in 2010 at a mutual friend’s party. Like his father, Justin was a full bright student at Harvard which kind of attracted the actress as per her interviews. They dated for four years and tied the knot after entering the beautiful phase of their married life. But as they entered their mid-life their vows and promises were kind of broken.

The couple had signed a prenup agreement back before their wedding. The actress stated in her 2019 memoir Dear Girls; Intimate Tales. Untold Stories and Advice for living your Best Life that it was the best decision in her life. As she was even more motivated to make her own money and name. Further, she added that her father has always praised the gift of fear and that prenup had scared her a lot.

In the end, signing the prenup was one of the great things that ever happened in her life, as per the actress. The couple is not on good terms however they are co-parenting their children and Marilou and her husband have not released any statement yet.

Marilou Cantiller Net Worth

Despite having chaos in her son’s married life. The pair is still going strong and making a name for themselves in the industry. Marilou and her husband both have a business background it may not comes as a surprise for their network. As of 2022, Marilou Cantiller has an estimated net worth of $600,000.

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