Who is Susann Margreth? All About Barry Bonds’ Ex-Wife

Susann Margreth, herself, has an identity as a former makeup artist. But she rose to prominence after marrying legendary baseball player Barry Bonds. Barry Bonds is an American former professional baseball left fielder who is renowned for his incredible skills.

He has played 22 seasons of Major League Baseball. Also, he was a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants. The left-handed baseball player, Bonds has amazing fan followers all over the world not only popularity, but Bonds has also amassed a fortune throughout his sports career.

Since Bonds doesn’t require any further introduction, the focus of this article will be on his former wife Susann Margreth.

Susann Margreth Age

Susann Margreth was born in Sweden. However, we don’t know the exact date of her birth. However, looking at her pictures, she seems to be in her late 40s. On the other hand, her husband, Barry, the former baseball player, was born on July 24, 1964, in Riverside, California.

Susann Margreth posing with her ex-husband Barry Bonds

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Susann Margreth First Met Barry Bonds in 1987

The couple met for the first time in August 1987 in Montreal, Quebec. She used to work as a makeup artist for Ogilvy at the time. Susann and Barry instantly felt the connection and spontaneously fell in love with each other. They eloped to Las Vegas on February 5, 1988 Likewise, the couple had two children named Nikolai and Shikari Bonds.

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Susann Margret is a Mother to Two Beautiful Children

Susann and Barry Bonds married and welcomed two children into their lives. Their firstborn child was born on December 18, 1989, and was named Nikolai Lamar Bonds. Barry and Susann’s youngest child, Shikari Bonds, was born in March 1991.

Nikolai, the eldest son, worked as a Giants bat boy in 2010 while Barry was playing in San Francisco. During games, Nikolai sat in the dugout close to his father. Nikolai is a father to a beautiful child. Barry posted a photo on his Facebook handle of the newborn, claiming she was his granddaughter, though there is no information about Nikolai’s marital status on the internet.

In the post, Barry wrote, “I thought I would feel weird about becoming a grandfather, but I don’t. I’m as happy as everyone told me I would be, and I love this little girl so much already that I cannot stop crying for joy. Hi Nassiya grandpa loves you so much that I cannot wait to spoil you with love.”

Susann Margreth and Barry Bonds Got a Divorce in 1994

Everything was going smoothly at the beginning, but problems arose between the couple, and they started living separately in June 1994. After holding on to their marriage for six years, the couple officially separated and announced their divorce in December 1994. The Catholic Church annulled their marriage in 1997.

Their divorce was widely discussed in the media because of the prenuptial agreement made by Barry, which mentioned Susann surrendering her right to a share of Bonds’s earnings and property. Still, Barry gives $20,000 to Margreth as child support and $10,000 as spousal support every month.

Her Ex-husband Remarried

After her divorce from the baseball player, Margreth has stayed away from the media. She hasn’t revealed her current relationship status. However, we believe she has been in a few relationships after her divorce.

Her ex-husband, on the other hand, had remarried just a year after their annulment. Bonds married a woman named Liz Watson on January 10, 1998. The ceremony took place in the San Francisco Ritz-Carlton hotel. Around 240 guests were at the ceremony.

After some time, Barry and Liz welcomed their first child, Alisha Lynn.

However, his second marriage also didn’t work out. After almost 11 years of their marriage, Liz Watson filed for legal separation.

The couple was advised to reconsider and given seven months to reconcile. But their relationship didn’t improve, and Liz officially filed for divorce on February 26, 2010, in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Superior Court filed their divorce on Friday, June 6, 2011.

Regarding Aisha Lynn, their daughter, Wasston is seeking legal joint custody of her.

Her Ex-Husband Purchased a House For His Girlfriend

Right after his divorce from Susann, Barry started dating a woman named Kimberly Bell. Kimberly was a graphic designer. The couple dated for around 7 years, separating in May 2003.

During the time they dated, Barry bought a house for Bell in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, the details of the property are still under review.

Her Ex-Husband Loves Cycling to Maintain His Physique

Being a sportsperson, Barry has always been passionate about his physique. As Bonds had gone through many knees, back, and hip surgeries, it made him difficult to run. That is why he chose cycling as an alternative to running.

Cycling has been helping him to maintain his body and health. Dramatically, he has lost 25 pounds as a result of cycling. Well, he was 240 pounds during his final game days.

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Her Ex-brother-in-law Is Also A Baseball Player

Bobby Lee Bonds Jr., brother of Barry Bonds, was born on March 7, 1970. Bobby Bonds Jr. is also an American former minor-league baseball player by profession. After completing high school, Bonds Jr. went to Canada College to play baseball. He was drafted in the 1992 June amateur draft. During his initial year in professional baseball, he moved from the Rookie League to the Short Season A-League. In 1993, he moved up to Single-A to play with the Waterloo Diamonds. Bonds played baseball for independent minor league teams from 1999 to 2002.

While talking about Bonds’ kinfolks involved in some kind of sports, we remember his paternal Aunt, Rosie Bonds. Rosie is a former player of hurdling, which is a kind of race, with obstacles you need to cross while running. She is a record holder of that in 80 meters race. Moreover, She also competed in Olympics in 1964.

Susann Margreth Net Worth

We don’t know what Susann does for a living at present because she has kept her personal and professional lives private. So, we couldn’t determine either her earnings or her net worth. However, we do know that she used to get $30,000 for support from her ex-husband. Although, we assume that Bonds doesn’t give her those amounts anymore considering his children have all grown up.

Susann Margreth's ex-husband Barry Bonds holding a baseball
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Social Media Presence

Susann seems to enjoy her private life. She is not active on any social media platforms. However, her ex-husband, Barry Bonds, is active on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Under the username @blbonds25, Bonds has made 615 posts for his 163K followers, and on Facebook, he has 129K followers.

Body Measurements

Margreth is a stunning woman with brown eyes and long brown hair. She is 5ft 5 inches tall and weighs around 50 kg.

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