Who is Taylor Strecker? Know Her Wife, Net Worth and Other Details

Taylor Strecker is a radio host best known for her independent daily talk show, The Taylor Strecker Show.

Every person is born with specific abilities. In the same way, everybody has some passion within them.

To identify the inner passion and work hard for it until it becomes an identity of oneself is an exceptional thing. Not everybody can do that.

Well, it is not an easy road to achieve a certain goal following inner desire and dedication. The road, the path to success is not as it seems to be. The path is full of blockages, thorns, ups, and downs.

One who can suppress the difficulties only wins the race to success.

Referring to the statement, we are here today going to talk about a such personality who has created significant identity and fame as a speaker and a Radio Personality.

So let’s know more about Taylor Strecker, her journey, difficulties, personal life, Childhood, education, professional life, and many more other facts about her down below:

Who is Taylor Strecker?

Taylor Strecker is a renowned Radio Persona famous for “Wake Up with Taylor”. Moreover, she has more than 16 years of experience as a radio Programmer. Taylor is one of the highest-ranked radio hosts.

Her name ranks among some of the biggest names in female radio programming and podcasts. She has worked on this specific platform since the completion of her education and is still working sincerely with the same determination and dedication.

Over the years, she has developed her own place in the industry and has gained rising fame and worth. She now works as a host of “Taste Of Taylor Podcast” and a daily talk show ” The Taylor Strecker Show”.

How Old is Taylor Strecker?

The birth city of Taylor Strecker is New York. Her exact birth year and date are unknown. She likes to speak a lot but not about herself so far. We as an audience are well aware of her secretive personality. She hasn’t talked about her age till now.

But, looking at her pictures, she seems to be in her 40s.

Her Parents

Moving to her family background, her parent’s names are unknown but we have some facts about her parents. Taylor’s father is a doctor.

He graduated from Harvard University and her mother graduated from Boston College. So we can conclude that she comes from well-off and educated family background and Taylor idolizes her parents so much.

Her childhood mostly roamed up in a small town outside of Boston where she grew up called Cohasset. She resided in a Catholic environment and is a follower of Christianity.

Taylor Strecker posing with food
Source: Instagram @taylorstrecker

Taylor Strecker Has Been Working in Radio Since 2006

Her career kicked off shortly after her graduation.

Strecker received her degree from the Ithaca College’s Park School of Communication. After her graduation, she didn’t have to wait particularly working.

In March 2006, a well-known director approached her to be the voice behind a radio show. The offer was from SiriusXM for cosmo radio. She accepted the offer and started to run a show named “Wake up with Taylor”. Many people loved the show and started their day hearing it. Taylor’s show aired every morning from 7 AM to 10 AM.

In this show, she spoke with a bunch of celebrities and interviewed them such as Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber, Hilary Duff, Channing Tatum, Taylor Kitsch, Kim Kardashian, and many more. She also covered a variety of topics including pop and culture themes. Bonnie Fuller, Dr. Wider, and Robert Verdi were her common visitors.

After 11 years working there, she quit hosting “wake up with Taylor” on SiriusXM.

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Reason For Her Leaving “Wake up with Taylor”

Nobody is aware of why the radio station has not issued a press statement regarding this subject.

Taylor worked as a show host on SiriusXM for a comparatively long period of time. The reason for her quitting the show is still unclear. She has been keeping this particular subject private and has not disclosed the facts till now.

Taylor Strecker Has Worked on Several Radio Stations

Upon looking at her personal life, the audience and her fan followers regard Taylor as a cheerful and joyful person. Her shows create a fresh and refreshing vibe for the people. People miss her on her previous show as she is no longer on the radio shows like before.

Taylor Strecker is a former key figure in the advancement of SiriusXM’s Wake Up. She now runs an independent daily talk show named “The Taylor Strecker Show”.

Taylor has worked as a radio host on several radio stations since leaving SiriusXM. She also runs her own blog and creates popular YouTube videos, all of which have added to her fortune as well as fame.

Right now, Taylor hosts a daily talk show with the cooperation of a rotating cast of co-hosts that includes Chris Burns, Sean Kilby, Liz Culley, Dr. Jenna Wider, Andrea Lavinthal, Daryn Carp, Jessie Jolles, Emma Willmann, MacKenzie Green, Andrea Lopez, and Joey Skladany.

Taylor Strecker was Married to a Guy Named Brett Epstein

Taylor Strecker with her ex-husband
Source: Cosmo Happy Hour

Taylor Strecker has married twice. Brett Epstein is her ex-husband. They originally met at a Penn State lacrosse event on the Beagle. It seems to be her favorite hangout place.

The couple was happy together with a good relationship. Following a four-year relationship, Brett Epstein proposed to Taylor on December 13, 2014. On October 17th, 2015, they got married at Estates Whinery in the Hamptons.

Later on, due to some personal matters, they got divorced. On the subject of marriage with her ex-husband, Taylor says that there was a lack of passion in the relationship.

Taylor Strecker is Married to Her Bestfriend

After a particular time, she developed an intense feeling for a woman and she started dating Taylor Donohue who was her best friend also. Their love story also got featured in a Women Health Article with the topic “How we went from Bestfriends to Girlfriends”. They got married at Strecker’s parental house in Cohasset, Massachusetts on August 14, 2021.

Donohue works as a videographer and editor. The two of them first met during a video shoot. They both have the same name which refers to unforgivable.

They first regarded each other as friends. Taylor needed a videographer for her personal work at that time and hired Donohue for the job. Eventually, they started developing feelings for each other which turned out into a beautiful marriage after some years of dating.

Taylor Strecker with her wife
Caption: Instagram @taylorstrecker

Taylor Strecker Net Worth

Strecker’s net worth has reportedly been estimated to be more than $100,000 as of 2022, according to reliable reports. Her shows are indeed a significant contributor to her financial worth. Her YouTube channel and other sources also add more to her earnings concurrently.

Her annual income is unclear as of now. However, in looking at her personal life, she appears to be well off and is living with respectable fame together with significant wealth comparatively.

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Social Media and Popularity:

This famous Radio personality has huge fans and followers. She is open about her lifestyle and likes to share her day-to-day activities, special events, and career remarks on her social media sites.

Taylor is quite popular on social media platforms, especially on her Instagram profile with overall 88.3k followers. Similarly, she is also quite popular on Twitter with a significant number of 24.8k followers.

So, this is all about everyone’s favorite and popular Radio persona Taylor Strecker. Hope you liked it!

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