Who is Winnfred Wilford? All About Debbie Allen’s Ex-husband

There are many personalities who are renowned for their relationships with other famous personalities. Just like that, Winnfred Wilford is also one. He came to the limelight after tieing knots with Debbie Allen. Wilford is the ex-husband of an Emmy award-winning multi-talented actress, Deborah Kaye Allen.

Winnfred is the former president of CBS records. He always remained behind the scenes in Hollywood which led him to be lesser-known. Apart from that, all credit to Emmy Award winner Allen who made the world know him. Stick with us to know more about Debbie’s ex-husband.

How Old is Winnfred Wilford?

Winnfred Wilford was born in 1939 which makes him about 82 years of age as of now. However, we are yet to make sure when he blows his birthday candles.

Basically, he hails from America but his exact place of birth is yet to get divulged. He was born to Black parents which makes his ethnicity Black. Despite the fact, that any pertinent information regarding his parents is still out of vision.

Who Is Winnfred Wilford?

As we have mentioned previously, Winnfred Wilford is most notable as the ex-husband of Debbie Alle. Besides that, he is also a successful person. Most significant, Wilford remained behind the scenes in the movie industry. He is also part of the Holywood but remains less quite vocal about his Hollywood career.

Winnfred Wilford was the Vice President of CBS Records

Talking about the present, we’re not sure how is Wilford’s career going on. However, as per research, he served as the vice president of CBS records. Moreover, he has also worked for Epic Label as a publicist. With Epic Label, Wilford nourished and fostered rising black artists in the industry. He is mostly known for looking over the development of artists like Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross, Lou Rawls, and many more. Moreover, his bonding with these stars are working exceptionally well.

More About His Career

Since his childhood, he was very keen on music and stuff. He was so interested in music, listening to several genres. He left his hometown to continue his passion for music. Then, he moved to Philadelphia and joined the Romeos as a bassist. He also played for several rising bands as a bass guitar.

However, things were not easy for Wilford. Despite falling every day for music, he decided to shift his music career to an acting career. So, in 1969, he relocated to New York trying to achieve acting roles and modeling.

While pursuing his acting career, he also performed remarkably well in the play named Sheba. Taking parallel with his acting career, he was also involved in building PR for big agencies and organization. With his excellent PR, CBS appointed him as company’s record division and later vice-president on the board.

Winnfred Wilford and Debbie Allen Got Married in 1975

Winnfred Wilford was married to two Primetime Emmy Award winners, Debbie Allen. She is an American actress, choreographer, songwriter and director. Additionally, she is a former member of the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

Wilford and Debbie first met at the rehearsal set of his famous play, Sheba. In this 1973 Broadway Musical play, Wilford was a chorus boy whereas Debbie was a dancer. After their first met, he stared at her in starstruck awe and got caught up in Debbie’s eyes.

At that very moment, Debbie fell in love at first sight describing him as a very handsome man. Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? It was definitely an awe moment, no doubt. After a week passed on, it was all Debbie who approached him first and their moment clicked.

After two years of madness love and intimate dating each other, the couple decided to get married in 1975.

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Reason for Their Divorce

It is said that marriage makes more time of spending together. But, in Wilford and Debbie’s case it was not the case. With hectic schedule of Debbie’s 13-hour works shift in Hollywood camera and Wilford’s long work, the couple didn’t get much time to spend. It was also quite suprising that Wilford was always late in the set. Also, it was nothing like bringing them together rather they used to live 3000 miles apart due to their work.

All these complications led the couple to divorce in the year 1983. Unfortuntaley, their relationship could not continue as they expected. Their 7 years of relationship came down to vain which was quite saddening, not just for them, but also for all of us fans.

Did They Have Children?

No, Wilford and Debbie didn’t have any children. They had quite intricate reationship when it comes to intimacy and romance. With tangled married years, they did not want any child. In fact, they were quite busy and too far from each other.

Short Bio of Debbie Allen

Wilford’s ex-wife, Debbie Allen is best known for portrayal of her roles in the musical-dram TV series Fame. In thsi TV series, she played a role as dance teacher Lydia Grant for which she won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

Prior to that, Allen started nurturing her career by appearing in Broadway theatre. In 1970, she made her career debut acting in the chorus of Purlie. Later on, in 1976, she grabbed her TV debut in the CBS sitcom Good Times. With numerous marvelous and praising roles, Allen kept growing in the industry.

Winnford Wilford together with Debbie Allen
Source: AmoMama

Along with her acting skills, she has also set the bar as a choreographer and dancer. As lively and vibrant it could be, her dancing was on peak. Living with a talented feets, she never let herself down, succeeding in Dance. She founded a non-profit dancing organization under her name Debbie Allen Academy in 2001.

Not to be surprised, she has also created an impact as a producer and director. Spitting facts, she released two solo albums named Sweet Charity and Special Look. She has also worked as dirctor in several filmography like Family Ties, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Bronx Zoo and so on.

Winnfred Wilford Net Worth

As of 2022, Winnfred Wilford has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million. No doubt, he has amassed great fortune to his name since clicking his successful career. Well, he is a very passionate man, specifically in cars. He loves Mercedes Benz and also owns one. Also, his personality and attire definitely reflect his lavish and sumptuous lifestyle.

On the other hand, his ex-wife, Debbie Allen is wealthier than him. Allen has a net worth around $4 million. She has made good assets with her successful multi-faceted career.

Follow His Ex-wife On Instagram

Although Winfred Wilford is not active on social media platforms, you all can follow his ex-wife on Instagram. On her Instagram handle, she has already hoarded over 2.4 million followers. Additionally, she has 608 followings and more than 1.8K posts. She often embraces her life and works insights on her Instagram feed.

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