Woody & Kleiny

Woody and Kleiny are some of the most popular youtube creators. The friend duo posts regular content of playing insanely addictive games against each other and fun pranks. Their videos rack millions of views across various platforms on the internet.

You might have already come across the contents supplied by the British content creators as they are some of the most popular video creators. With 7 million subscribers, the number of views in their videos increases day by day.

The two of them are friends, and they often include their families in their videos. The best part about their content is that they enjoy making the videos while the audiences enjoy watching them.

Who Are Woody And Kleiny?

Woody and Kleiny are British content creators who are coming into recent stardom. Their videos are racking up millions of views across Youtube and Facebook. They are just having fun, playing competitive games against one another, and people love them.

They have been making videos for a long time. But as often, they struggled a lot before they became relevant. After years of constant struggle, their hard work has finally paid off. Now they can thoroughly enjoy their lives with their high earnings.

Follow The Duo Across Various Platform

The duo of content-creating friends is active across various platforms. The most famous of their social media platform is Youtube. You can drop them a subscription under their channel named Woody & Kleiny.

They upload all of their videos on Facebook as well. A big part of their earnings also comes from the videos on Facebook. You can like their Facebook page named Woody & Kleiny for an update on their contents.

The duo is also active on other platforms like TikTok. As people often do, they are taking advantage of their fame. And they spread their content across various platforms.

Their Net Worth Details Explored

As of 2021, the duo has a net worth of more than $10 million. These calculations are based on the number of views they accumulate online. But their actual salary could be much higher.

Since they upload videos in a constant interval, their earnings increase. With every coming year, their channel has more subscribers than in previous years. They are slowly becoming one of the most popular creators in their country.

Meet The People Who Make Appearances In The Channel

The duo first started gaining stardom after their audition in Britain’s got talent. They went there to show off their football skills. After gaining recognition, they started their youtube channel in 2013, and many people have appeared in their videos.

Woody And Kleiny in an award show
Source: Biography Mask

The most common appearance is made by Darryl who is also their manager. Apart from him, many of their family members make appearances as well. Since Woody is married and has a son, both his wife and son have appeared in the channel as well.

With so many people making appearances, they make a fun channel. People genuinely enjoy their content, and they love the British duo.

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